Server Backup–some startling facts..

16th March 2011
Office with people working on laptops, computers and tablets
  • 99% of all businesses do not do a daily backup
  • 60% of backups are incomplete
  • 50% of restores fail
  • Only 25% of backup tapes are stored off-site
  • On average, by the 6th day of a major data loss, companies experience a 25% loss in daily revenue.
  • 43% of companies that experience a severe data loss, and that have no recovery plan in place, never re-open.

…..And the solution…….Half price On-Line Back Up from HardSoft Computers. As an introductory offer we are able to offer our off site automated backup facility at half price for new users of this service. Data is backed up overnight to a secure facility and backups are stored for several days – or even weeks. All data is additionally written to a remote Server that is instantly available on the internet to get to that important data should it be lost…….backing up 25GB of data is just £25 per month.
The importance of a structured backup system cannot be under estimated. HardSoft offer leasing on Servers and Networks and the online backup can be included within any network. At the lower end we suggest backing up only essential data and backing up the remaining data via traditional hard drive/tape methods. The more data you back up on line the quicker the business can recover from data loss. Contact us for some further details.