Samsung’s Odyssey G7 32″ Gaming Display Helps you Work and Play in Style

5th October 2020
Samsung Odyssey G7 gaming display versus a standard display - Odyssey display is much clearer and more vibrant

Working from home and gaming just got a lot smarter with the Samsung Odyssey G7 gaming display

After several of our customers who are keen gamers got in touch to find out about leasing new displays for their work from home set-up that would also let them make a smooth switch to gaming after work is done, we added the Odyssey G7 32″ display to our solutions.

The Samsung Odyssey G7 gaming display is NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible, which means it also has support for AMD FreeSync. It’s got a 1000R curvature, which is designed to match the curvature of the human eye. It is available in 27″ and 32″ and runs at 240Hz with a rated one millisecond response times as well as all those things we’ve seen before.

It’s surprisingly curved compared to what we’ve seen before. The big deal here is the resolution. We’ve seen 240Hz at 1920 x 1080, but this display is 2560 x 1440. So at this kind of screen size, it would not be pretty to be sitting monitor-distance from a 1080P display, yet 1440P is a different story.

We were a little surprised to see an external power supply for such a large monitor. But the thing is, this is a Vasa display HDR 600 monitor, it is using full-array local dimming, which means that the backlight for the display is much bulkier than what you would find in just a typical edge-lit display. It is a hefty power supply, but it does have a cool cable management function in the stand.

The secret here is the display port 1.4 connection, so while it does have an HDMI input if you want that full 240Hz refresh rate at 1440P you need to use display port because that is a lot of bandwidth, that’s basically like running four times that resolution. So that would be 5K at 60Hz, of course, in order to drive that kind of resolution at that kind of frame rate, we need a lot of power.

Samsung Odyssey G7 Front view

Of course, the refresh rate is only part of the story for a gaming display. The other part is the pixel response times, and one quick and dirty way to see how good those are is just dragging a window with text across the screen. If you get very little in terms of discolouration at the edge of your window and text remains readable as you move it quite quickly across the screen. The high brightness is pretty bright. You can have a cheater crosshair running at 240 frames per second. So there’ll be no excuses for losing!

At 32 inches, 1440P is not super high pixel density, but it’s so much better than 1080. It has a really nice pre-calibrated SRGB profile, often on these gaming displays, you try to get rid of any vivid colour boost or black equaliser. You just want to see the SRGB values as they were intended by the game developer and this is great.

The curve is going to be polarising for some people, but when it comes to the performance of the panel, I don’t think we’re going to see a lot of complaints from owners of this display. The HDR profile was set to around 30% out of the box, and because HDR assigns illuminance value per pixel, you definitely want that set to a 100% on your display.

You’re not going to get those dazzling highlights with direct sunlight reflecting off of things on a base HDR 600 display like you would on a 1000 display, but it still does look notably better than a basic display HDR 400 display.

Even with the most powerful graphics card on the market, you will struggle to break 150 FPS on this display. So you’re definitely buying into the future-proofing when it comes to sightseeing single-player games, but e-sports titles with a powerful enough rig can hit that 240 FPS consistently. This is plenty of FPS for those single-player games though, and so smooth. Our impressions of this display are really impressive.

The Samsung Odyssey G7 32″ curved gaming display is available to lease at £7.50 per week on our Flexi-Lease pay monthly solution. Covered by our 3-year warranty and technical support, whether you’re working or gaming, this display will make everything look so much better!

Find out more about leasing the Odyssey G7 display, as well as our other gaming compatible devices, by getting in touch with our expert team on 020 7111 1643 or email You can also use the webchat facility on our website.