Samsung’s Flip 2 makes Video Conferencing Easy, and HardSoft makes it Affordable

25th June 2020
Samsung Flip 2 in use in a meeting

Samsung released the Flip digital display in 2019 – which is now feeling like decades ago! – and they have now given us the updated Flip 2, which is available in two sizes, 55″ and 65″, both with 4K resolution (3840×2160), and with a new light and less-bulky stand the Flip 2 it is perfect for video conferencing.

The menu navigation on the Flip 2 has a quick finder feature, much like Apple Finder, making possible to preview and make instant changes to content directly on screen. Users can access up to 20 pages of writing space, and the embedded search functions mean you can find specific content quickly. You can also click on the ‘not layer’ button and write anywhere on the content displayed without affecting the work behind the original layer.

Up to four people can write on the Flip 2 at the same time, with its pen-to-paper writing in a range of styles, colours, widths, as well as brush mode, which means artists can create beautiful designs in either watercolour or oil painting modes. As with the Flip, the Flip 2 allows users to erase drawings and notes with a finger or swipe of the palm, so that you can create and collaborate in real-time. A useful function is the ability for each user to customise their writing style, as well as style and colour, so that it’s easy to see on screen.

Another really useful function on the Flip 2 is the icon link directly to Windows, meaning you can access Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as PDF files directly with the built-in document viewer. You can also use the Flip 2 as a calendar, schedule, checklist, or notes board, with the display being easily configured to both portrait and landscape orientation. The new stand, which is the same as the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S stand, is height adjustable so that you can fix the perfect height to work comfortably.

The Flip 2 stores conversations and content in real-time, allowing users to distribute to meeting/conference attendees as well as wider teams, easily via digital and mobile channels. You can also project content from the Flip 2 to other digital displays in real-time, using HDMI out connection, as well as WiFi direct, and interactive content visibility, sharing, and notation, is simple with USB, HDMI, NFC and wireless connectivity.

Samsung Flip 2 & Logitech Video Conferencing Bundle

After the initial madness of the switch to working from home, once things had settled down into a rhythm of zoom meetings to keep in touch, we quickly realised that despite having a Samsung Flip in our main meeting room, which allowed our Co-Founders to zoom in with the whole team, there were issues that arose from the idiosyncrasies of the Flip – such as having to save screens as a jpeg in order to the write on it, the camera is static meaning, as well as needing to link it to another device so that we could use Windows. The Flip 2 remedies some of these, but we’ve created a whole solution, to make your video conferencing as simple and effective as possible.

What’s included?

Samsung Flip 2 & Stand

With multiple connectivity options, and complete with mobile trolley and a HardSoft Engineer to get it all working.

Logitech MeetUp Conference Camera

This all-in-one conference camera with an ultra-wide lens for small meeting rooms with integrated microphone and speakers, complete with the  TV Mount. RightSight computer vision adjusts camera position and zoom automatically to find people in the room and frames everyone in the conversation.

Intel NUC Mini PC

Intel NUC Mini PC front view showing ports

The Intel NUC Mini PC allows you to link all of your data and display it on the Samsung Flip 2. Featuring an i3 10th gen Intel Core processor and 256GB SSD so you can store what you need on your PC easily.

Logitech Wireless Touch Compact Keyboard K400 Plus

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus

The Logitech Wireless Touch Compact keyboard is designed so you can connect to the NUC from anywhere in the room. A touchpad and keyboard all in one, you can use it from a distance of up to 10 metres away and it has up to 18 months of battery life!

Logitech MeetUp + Flip 2 with picture showing a table and 3 chairs with the Flip 2 and bundle in front of it - £38 + VAT per month

Digital displays don’t come cheap, and technology advances at a rate of knots, so leasing makes perfect sense. With no major up front costs and affordable monthly opex payments, you can lease the Samsung Flip 2 & Logitech Video Conferencing Bundle at £38.00 per week which includes free installation and training.

To find out more about leasing the Samsung Flip 2, or the Samsung Flip 2 and Logitech Video Conferencing Bundle, give our expert team a call on 020 7111 1643 or email