Samsung Flip 2 – a Case Study with Steve Richards of Unlimited Brands

22nd July 2020

Customer and friend of HardSoft, Steve Richards from Unlimited Brands, took delivery of a new Samsung Flip 2 interactive display recently and was so impressed, he wanted to share it’s benefits with you in this case study – thanks Steve, we’re pleased you’re so happy with your Flip 2!

“Hello, I’m Steve Richards of Unlimited Brands. I work in branding and advertising as a coach, a mentor, and consultant. I help small business marketing with storytelling to better tell their stories. Lockdown. lockdown meant no travel, no travel meant no meetings, no workshops. My business stalled. So I quickly decided I needed to pivot, and pivoting for me meant I had to become an online-first business, not just having conversations on a one-to-one basis on Zoom. I need to be able to talk on a one-to-many basis to have workshops that were collaborative and interactive. and I guess I needed new technology for that. Being a HardSoft customer for many years, we had a good conversation about the collaboration tools that were out there and they recommended the Samsung Flip. They actually gave me a demo on a zoom call, which was really useful.

They were able to source the Flip and deliver it the next week. The next week came, a HardSoft van arrived in the rain outside the house, and they were great. They had two big boxes to lug upstairs, to unpack and unbox in a tight space, but not only did they assemble it and make sure it was connected, they stayed an extra 20 minutes to make sure that not only was it connected to all the various parts of my IT, but I understood how it worked and how I could connect, and that was really helpful.

So the Flip, the easiest way to describe it is that it’s an interactive whiteboard. You can write in different colours and different thicknesses. You get two styluses. It really rubs off easily with a swipe of the side of your hand. The reason it’s called the Flip is that you can “flip” it. It moves simply from landscape to portrait with a gentle push and pivot. And that’s how you can save things that you need to in this format. The Flip gives you a range of ways to bring in import from a mobile or laptop. We can get some images and put onto a USB stick and you have some small editing options at the bottom where you could add notes to it very simply. One of the neat things is you can make the photo an image. You can adapt it, then print it onto the screen and you can do much as you can do with what you’ve written.

Samsung Flip 2
Interactive Display and Stand

As I said, one of the reasons I wanted the collaboration tool is to present to a few people at the same time and then interact with them. So if you download a presentation in PowerPoint, you can use it as a normal presentation. You can make it bigger. You can move it where you can make it the whole screen. So we’ve got a presentation in the Flip. We can talk about the slides, write notes on the slide, interact. That interaction is great. And just like blue Peter, we can cut and instantly we’ve captured all the information, which is really useful. Here’s a cool feature. Not only can you write, but you can also actually paint onto the flip. So literally by choosing oil or watercolour, and use any type of paintbrush, and you can actually paint. Really cool.

So let’s think about how it works. What have I learned? The first tip I’ll give you is, always save. The Flip doesn’t automatically save, so you can spend quite a long time working on something and then by accident, move on and you haven’t saved your work.

Next tip, connectivity. I’m a Mac person, and because I’m a Mac person, and this is a Samsung and Android device, there’s no natural connectivity the way you would if you had the Galaxy that you would expect. So it works on Bluetooth, much better for Samsung devices than it does for my Mac, but that’s okay. It’s okay. Because behind here, I’ve just fitted an Apple TV. The Apple TV works by going through to the HDMI table and then you have Apple TV, much like you do on a second screen. Screen-sharing that works exactly as you’d expect an Apple TV to work and you therefore have another screen. You can then go through various apps.

There are a few wires, but they fit into a panel that is screwed down. So it allows you to Flip the machine. It’s great. I’ve added an extender for a USB because I use it so much, literally velcro it onto the back. You can actually get a tray of connections from Samsung, but that works fine. It’s probably better value.

Final thoughts? Well, I wish my handwriting was better! The stand, which is great and on wheels and allows you to move the Flip around is probably a little too wide for this small office. I’d probably go for a wall-mounted option, which they do offer. I can see this being a fantastic addition to boardrooms for presentations. I think students can use this. I think creative agency brainstormings would be great. HardSoft are great in terms of their after service, their warranty is one thing, but the fact that you can always call them means I’ve learnt so much more. When I’ve got a question, I just ring them. So, in conclusion, I would absolutely encourage everyone to get a Flip.”

Samsung Flip 2 with stand showing it pivoting and tilting along with the Logitech Meetup Conference Camera
Samsung Flip 2 & Logitech
Video Conferencing Bundle

The Samsung Flip 2 is available to lease from HardSoft from £25.90 per week (+VAT) or if you’re looking for more video conferencing capability, then the Samsung Flip 2 & Logitech Video Conferencing Bundle is available to lease at £38.00 per week (+VAT) and includes the Samsung Flip 2, Logitech Meetup conference camera, Intel NC Mini PC, and Logitech compact keyboard. Our Flexi-Lease solution includes our 3-year warranty with technical support, and allows you to change, continue, or cancel after two years.

If you’d like to find out more about leasing the Samsung Flip 2, or the Samsung Flip 2 and Logitech Video Conferencing bundle, give our team a call on 020 7111 1643 or email, alternatively you can use the webchat function on our website.