…So how much punishment can a Laptop really take, especially if you are in the field of some of the harsher working environments like a building site or a desert ? If you opt to use a Panasonic Toughbook quite simply the answer is A LOT.

The Toughbook range of laptops come up to a Military specification (MIL-Standard 810G) for resisting, Drops, Spills and Temperature Extremes and with the price being a factor with these units they are yet another example of a product that is ideal for a HardSoft Lease. So what is there to know about these machines that have become increasingly popular here over the last few months? The Portables are available in 3 class of Laptop; Fully Ruggedized, Semi Ruggedized and Business Ruggedized…………….

Fully Ruggedized are the brutal elite, being able to survive falls from 90cm without any effect on functionality at all, thanks to a Magnesium-Thickened casing and Hard Drives which are secured against shock and impact. These are coated against dust and water equally, making them ideal for field work in dusty / wet environments, amazingly these also tolerate temperature extremes of -20°C to 60°C. An Example of this type of unit is the Panasonic Toughbook  CF-31 13” with i5 Processor which starts on Lease at £34.95 + Vat per week.

Semi Ruggedized are the step down which are as resistant to Drops and Water however they lack the protection from Extreme Temperature and Dust. These do however look a little more elegant for those who are customer facing and rely on their laptop for presentation work. The Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 is a 14” Machine with a similar spec to the Laptop above but starts on Lease at the more affordable price of £13.50 + VAT per week.

Business Rugged is something that gets thrown around a lot – like in the back of a car. Apart from Panansonic ; Lenovo offer the Thinkpad T520 at £8.20 on a three year lease. Both Dell and Samsung also have business rugged laptops however they still don’t quite compare to Panasonic, which is still significantly protected from a drop and a spilled glass of water. Though the Panasonic are not cheap! For options on any of the available “Business-Rugged” units send your enquiries to ryan@hardsoft.co.uk and we can get some lease quotes across.

For those with an Apple iPad in mind you may also be keen to hear there is a Panasonic Tough Pad which brings all the joys of Android in a Rugged Case to the arena of those working Outdoors.



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