at HardSoft.  Just how does this option within HardSoft lease package work ?  ……..after 24 months you can RETURN the Apple Mac and cancel or can RENEW into a new agreement in much the same way as a Mobile Phone contract….. We will contact you and offer you the equivalent computer at a similar cost per month. You can RETAIN the equipment at the expiry of the lease for a one off fee of £1 to pay.

To explain the RENEW option a little further….As you keep the existing equipment  (at no cost and you are free to sell it ) this often affects your choice of new equipment and it is often the case that you may move across to a different Apple or PC, software, printer etc ?  Should the equipment you move across be more expensive then the cost per month will increase. Similarly lease costs will decrease if you opted for cheaper equipment.   The original payments cease as the contract ends. The new lease contract will be for 36 months though at 24 months again you can exercise this option again.   If you have any questions or need other options then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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