Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

11th July 2014
Office Touch Up

The HardSoft business has grown every year for many years and its time to move offices again – this time its going to be a bolder step as we are moving our main office AND our Shoreditch branch office both into new locations in the same month.

hardsoft branch place london
The new riverside location in Tech City

The Head Office moves a few miles down the road into the centre of the Hertfordshire town of Sawbridgeworth. And the Shoreditch office moves from Cheshire Street off Brick Lane a little further north to a new office development on the picturesque Regents Canal in London N1. Just by Shoreditch Park this is in Branch Place.
Building work at both should be complete at both in July with moving in dates of August. For clients of

hardsoft sawbridgeworth cm22
The head office will be in a converted barn

HardSoft this move will mean more efficient Technical Support as we are centralising the team into one location and faster broadband speeds will mean that we can remotely diagnose and fix issues faster than before. Both locations are easier to get to and both will welcome you with a coffee if you fancy.
HardSoft were established nearly 30 years and the business started in Sawbridgeworth at the address of 1a The Square. We have come full circle and some fifteen years later from

apple store london
A soon to be furnished London office

when we moved out we are moving back to a neighbouring office at 2a The Square. In reality its 100 metres from where one of our first office were. In those days HardSoft were leasing the new and trendy Amstrad PC’s from Alan Sugar that featured a 20MB hard disk and all of 1MB of Ram.
The Shoreditch store will be a base for our engineers when they are in  London and will stock all Apple peripherals and accessories for sale. We will continue to offer Mac repairs into the local area and customers can collect their new Macs or Pc’s rather than waiting for couriers.
HardSoft was established by two brothers fresh from school in the mid 1980’s. The software market at that time was a new industry HardSoft selling by mail order games from as little as £1.99 with adverts in the original Computer Shopper for home computers such as Sinclair ZX Spectrum , Dragon 32 and the Amiga and Atari ST. In those days there was no buying on line and every day the postman brought cheques and orders for software. As the market developed and games started to be sold in high street stores then HardSoft started selling then leasing the original Amstrad PC Computers. Alan Sugar and Amstrad changed the PC market and everyone had an Amstrad PC . Thou in the 1990’s a 20MB hard drive was standard and 640KB was enough onboard Ram to run Windows 3.1.
How times have changed with the phone in your pocket several times faster than the computers of the early days of HardSoft. These office relocation should see HardSoft happy for the next few years and established as the UK’s leader in leasing computers to the small business and leasing to educational establishments.
london silhouette