Quad Displays Just Got Better!

24th December 2018
3 people in conversation looking at computer

Multi screens are becoming simpler to set up and use

Dual display setups have been around for a long time now and, for most of us, this is perfect for our everyday needs. I’m writing this on a dual display and using the other screen to fact check and keep an eye on my email, pretty standard for a modern office.

Dell Quad monitor display
Dell P4317Q Quad Display

But what if you need more? If you’re a trader, or perhaps a graphic designer, you probably need to see more screens and pages at the same time. The solution up to recently has been to have a quad display set up, with four individual displays held together on a specialised stand enabling you to work more effectively, like the HP 400 i7 Quad-Display Bundle. These stands are a great option if you need more but the downside to this is that the stand and cabling required makes for an untidy desktop and takes up more space.

The Dell P4317Q needs just one cable and stand

This has changed with the arrival of displays, such as the Dell 43″ Ultra HD Multi-Client Quad display which is just one screen with the capability to hold four ‘screens’, taking up less room. You can eliminate the hassle of extra cables and set up needed for four monitors – with just one cable and one stand, you get a clutter free workspace.

The Dell P4317Q has plenty of ports making connectivity simple, and an RS232 makes remote management easier than ever, with up to four inputs working simultaneously it’s all about efficiency. This means you have a simple set up and a fantastic viewing experience. You can even use our HP 400 i7 bundle and upgrade to the Dell 43″ display for just 90p per week!

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