PreLoved from HardSoft, the Perfect Tech Solution for Startups

16th November 2020
PreLoved laptop and plant on a grey background

The PreLoved solution from HardSoft was created as a result of us trying to find a more creative way to help startup businesses who don’t yet have a credit score or the capital to spend on tech devices.

PreLoved allows startups to access great devices with an 18-month lease on a pay monthly basis.

Preloved - Increasing the availability of leased tech to Start-ups!

There are three main benefits to a PreLoved lease:

  1. You start to build up a credit score for your startup, which will be useful down the line when you apply for traditional finance and companies such as Experian carry out checks. As your business grows and your credit score improves, you can move on to leasing higher value new equipment over longer-term leases.
  2. The 18-month term on a PreLoved lease is a shorter commitment for your startup and with ownership for just £1 at the end of your lease, you get to keep the equipment.
  3. PreLoved leases include our full warranty, with the same access to our technical team, parts/labour are covered too and accidental damage cover is available as an option.
Apple PreLoved products

We have a wide selection of devices available on PreLoved, which are around 12-18 months old, they are tested and checked by our expert technical team to ensure they’re in perfect working order before they’re shipped to you.

An example of a PreLoved offer is this Macbook Pro 15″ – i7, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, Radeon Pro 555x Pre-Owned Refurbished Unit available from just £5.50 per week.

For more information on PreLoved from HardSoft, give our team a call on 020 7111 1643 or email