One-Stop Shop

14th August 2012
One-Stop Shop for the complete IT package

Our ability to provide our customers with a complete IT package without the need to get into drawn out process makes us the number one lease supplierhardsoft offer a total solution for Macs with installation, supply and lease financing available HardSoft is a One Stop Shop and why that makes us the logical choice for leasing your Apple Mac or PC computers ?
First part of the process when it comes to taking out a flexible lease is getting an approval for finance, unlike our competitors  we don’t limit ourselves to one funder and in fact act more like a Broker for 4-6 different lease companies at any time! What does that mean for you? In short this means you will have the best chance of getting approved as we have a funder for almost every occasion be you a Blue Chip Corporate or a self employed new start-up business. We also do all the work of finding that approval with minimal involvement from yourself making it as easy as getting in your application and emailing you out some paperwork. This whole process takes just a few hours do delivery can just be days.
Thanks to this special arrangement with our funders we also have complete control of those agreements allowing us to offer some of the most exciting Upgrade / Renewal options available on an IT lease and also lets us guarantee you the ownership of the computers at the end of the lease for the lowest possible price (between £1 and £39 + VAT)
The next part of the Lease process is shipping you your equipment which is easily sourced thanks to the masses of stock available to us. Due to our 25 plus years in the IT industry we have built relationships as an authorised supplier all major brands (Sony, Fujitsu, Toshiba, HP and Apple to name a few) which means we can easily obtain any equipment and software you need on a next day basis even if that product is not in stock here at the time.
Finally we have our own specialist team of Engineers trained on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X Apple software allowing us to offer a fully inclusive warranty on all of our leases for the 3 years giving total peace of mind that your Mac will still be working in 30 months’ time. These tech geeks are available via our technical helpdesk meaning only one point of contact – no calling into a 3rd Party repair centre for updates on your repairs on a daily basis.
If you would like to discuss what we at HardSoft Computers can offer or would like to get a quote on any computer equipment for your business then please do not hesitate to get in touch with today .