Office 2008 for Mac was a poor product. Nobody liked it and the only real choice for Mac users was Apples iWork. The lack of a decent general productivity suite was a barrier to many users switching from PC to Mac. That’s now changed with a Office 2011 for Mac.  Apple themselves have given it centrestage on their website this week despite the new MacBook Air being launched only a few days ago.

It  is a Microsoft product designed for a Mac not just converted from a Windows version. There are things in 2011 not available in its PC sister product Office 2010. Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is also CHEAPER than 2008 and has a similar pricing policy as the Windows version.

As for the product the biggest jump is Outlook. Mac users previously had to juggle iCal, Mail and an address book or use the lowly Microsoft Entourage. Whether a file is created on a PC or a Mac both are useable between each; great for Networks. Why not a Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 with Mac clients ? This choice suddenly becomes available.

Office 2011 for Mac is available at the equivalent of £1.40 per week extra on a HardSoft flexible lease. Microsoft Volume Licensing discounts are available,  as are discounts for educational users.


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