Last year saw the new MacBook Air and most of the other changes to the Apple range were somewhat minor. It is likely that 2011 will bring something a little more exciting. The MacBook Air has almost re-written the way a laptop should be made and we believe that during 2011 the Apple MacBook Pro range will be revised using these new technologies. The iMac should also see a change, whilst the Mac Pro is likely to see some CPU upgrades later in the year. And as for the iPad it would seem that this will become an annual update with the ipad 2 available in the Spring and bound to feature a Camera and better value with 32GB  being the entry level option. HardSoft are Authorised Apple Resellers and the flexibility of our leasing makes it easy and inexpensive to upgrade to new products as they become available.


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  1. Elly

    Thank you sooooo much !!!!I tlltaoy agree on your opinion , I work on a mac for almost a year now.At first the Mac is quite nice, but as soon you try to do something productive with it (read: creative AND with usable result) then you will be stuck with the Mac (literally), cause as soon you want to compile important project ass(!)ets, it just crashes, hangs, dozes, sleeps, eats, drives, flies . well whatever, it just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.Hilarious video, keep it up !!!