The launch of Apple’s latest range of MacBook Pros with some very exciting developments in terms of specification, there has never been a better time to lease one. …..Possibly the most interesting development is Thunderbolt, Apple and Intel have put their heads together and come up with what promises to be the world’s most versatile I/O technology. It is a combination of PCI express and Display port which allows a lot of firsts for a portable, with a number of simple adaptors it can run Raid Arrays, Video Capture with PCI Express performance. Not to mention Firewire, USB and Gigabit Ethernet. Lacie already has a product announced for external storage. HardSoft are Lacie Authorised and can include this within any of our flexible Apple Mac lease packages. Intel is giving Apple an exclusive for up to a year on Thunderbolt.

Those of you constantly on the move will be excited by the prospect of Face Time on the MacBook Pro, keep in touch thanks to the new HD Camera you can share 720p conversations with other MacBook Pro’s and the opportunity to Face Time any other Apple device be that an iPhone 4, iPod Touch or when it becomes available in a couple of weeks the new iPad with camera.


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