and we’re taking orders……A few months ago we questioned the upcoming release of a new Mac Pro in light of increasingly strict European safety regulations (which led to thelease the new mac pro current model’s discontinuation in the EU as of 1 March 2013) and a general lack of updates to the product on Apple’s behalf. Here at HardSoft we couldn’t help but feel that Apple was perhaps beginning to neglect their business user base. This month, however, it appears our questions have been answered! Apple recently announced the release of a new Mac Pro at the World Business Developer’s Conference in June alongside the rather confident statement of: “Can’t innovate any more, my arse” Let’s unravel the ins and outs of this exciting and much anticipated product a little more…

What do Apple have to say? Quite a lot about the product features but very little about exact release date and pricing. For the latter two a few guesses have been made. You can probably expect to be able to purchase a Mac Pro towards the latter end of this year and you can also expect the price tag to be greater than previous models. Generally speaking, experts anticipate this to be anywhere between £2000 and £4000 depending on additional features etc.

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No its not a nuclear bomb

What are these “features”? Described by Apple as a “challenge” the Mac Pro has been designed with forward-thinking in mind and is undoubtedly built for speed. With dual GPUs, PCI express-based flash storage, new generation Xeon processors, Thunderbolt 2 and 12 cores of processing power this model will be up to 2 times faster than the current Mac Pro. It is also deemed to be graphically excellent with an AMD FirePro workstation and 7 teraflops of computing power (current Pro only has 2.7!). In terms of memory, it has a bandwidth which works up to 2 times faster and also possesses 64GB of RAM. It also gives its user ample opportunities to expand. With Thunderbolt 2 you can plug in up to 36 expandable devices alone, not forgetting USB 3, Gigabit Ethernet and HDMI 1.4 ports. Essentially all expansion is external. The previous Mac was a big tower with everything installed; the new is smaller with everything external. So following the theory of the sealed factory specs that Apple are now following it would seem that you need to get the internal spec bang on on day one.

Where does the real innovation lye? Most reviews tend to be incredibly impressed with the engineering side of things. The Mac Pro has a unified thermal core that doesn’t need heat sinks or fans. This core is built around a piece of aluminium to maximise air flow and thermal capacity. Only a single fan is needed meaning the machine will be rather quiet when running. The motherboard is also arranged in a unique triangular manner. Such features undoubtedly impact on the size – which happens to be very small! At just 21.5cm tall and 16.8cm wide, this little machine will fit comfortably on your desk.

Are there any negatives? I cannot help but think the appearance of the new Mac Pro will suffer from the “marmite effect” – you will either love lease a pc or macit or you will hate it! Described on the web as everything from a dustbin to a cheese grater this black, glossy cylinder is certainly unusual. However, unlike other Apple products where appearance seems to be paramount, if the current model is anything to go by, Pro users tend to be more interested in performance – and this little guy doesn’t disappoint!……….We should have stock in November (thats technically eight months without a Mac pro available)  and HardSoft will be actively offering the new Mac Pro on our business lease options………If you cant wait the i7 27″ is still available… We offer all leased Macs with three years warranty

Apple in the last year or so have seemed to adopted a delivery method of announcing a product then you have to wait for months to see it. It happened with the new thinner iMac and now the Mac Pro. Interestingly Apples product announcements always seem to be announced the same day as one of its competitors announcements.  In the ‘olden days’ they announced a new Mac and it was in the Stores the next morning. So however exciting the Mac Pro is (or will be) it’s a real shame you cant get one !



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