New Second Gen PC laptops and discounts on previous models

We have just amended the PC Laptops shown on our website to reflect the wholesale move to the Second generation of Intel Core processors. Based around the SandyBridge chipset and currently used on all Apple MacBook Pros these Core i3, i5 and i7 processors feature USB 3.0 and are faster with many benefits. Intel 2nd Generation Core i processors are typically significantly faster than their predecessors. The new Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 laptops offer speeds that rival, if not exceed, the previous generation Apple MacBook Pro models with Intel Core i7 processors !

Another benefit is weight; a typical Toshiba laptop with 15″ screen is now 0.5kgs lighter than its predecessor…..The new Toshiba Satelite Pro R780 is available from  £5.45   plus VAT per week on a three year flexible business lease.  A 14″ PC laptop is now the same weight as its 13″ predecessor. The 14″ HP Probook 6460B features the i5-2410M at just £6.90 per week plus vat on lease that includes three years warranty.

DEALS ON PREVIOUS MODELSHardSoft have for May the 15″ , Core 2 -2.1GHz , HP 620 Laptop which is 4Gb Ram and 320GB hard drive with Windows 7 Professional at a reduced price of £3.70 per week for 3 year business leasing. Office 2010 on this model has been reduced to £1 extra for the Professional version only on this HP 620 Laptop. This offer is not available to order on line so please contact us.


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