New Graphics Option on Mac Pro

19th November 2010
Group project work on an Apple desktop

One of the cricisms of the new Mac Pro was the lack of a choice of graphics card. Apple offer the Radeon 5770 as standard and then as a slightly more expensive alternative is the Radeon 5870 . Recently announced and available in the next few weeks is the new  Quadro 4000 based on Nvidia’s Fermi architecture for high-performance computing.
Several professional applications make use of Nvidia’s Quadro 4000 GPU, including Adobe Premier Pro cs5 and Final Cut Studio ,  to improve non-linear editing workflow utilizing Nvidia’s Fermi architecture for parallel processing, also known as CUDA.
The Quadro 4000 GPU for Mac includes 2GB of GDDR5 memory and 256 CUDA cores processing 890 million triangles per second. It also comes with built-in DisplayPort, DVI-I and the Apple-only mini-DisplayPort. MacPro owners can enable up to four high resolution displays with dual Nvidia Quadro 4000 graphics cards.  The Quadro 4000 has a suggested retail price of  circa £1000.+.  It maybe expensive  (especially compared to its PC counterpart), but then again, this card isn’t for your favorite FPS title. You’ll see this card fly when designing 3D graphics, HD video editing and rendering those rather large video / image files. The perfect companion to go with that new Mac copy of AutoCAD.  This option will be availble from HardSoft in the next few days on their flexible IT leasing plan.