…not just for the home user anymore. One of the major groans of having a Tower PC system is the amount of space that the individual parts take up, Hp business all in  one PC at £7.75 plus VAT per weeknot to mention keeping the wires tidy from the mini tower to the screens etc. With the advent of All in One PCs, where the monitor and processing unit are combined into one entity, these issues can be a thing of the past. However up until now the All in Ones have been very much home user orientated apart from a few offerings by Lenovo or you’d have to get an Apple iMac…..Step forward HP who have announced a business based All in One in the form of the HP 8300.

The HP 8300e has a 23” Full HD Display (1920 by 1080) with the higher end models also boasting touchscreen technology, this is extremely beneficial for anyone looking to move across to Windows 8. The display can also be mounted in either portrait or landscape modes and can be wall mounted, making them ideal for receptions or kiosks.

The model line starts with an i3 processor, 500GB Ram and 4GB RAM, prices for this model will start at £7.75+VAT per week on a three year flexible lease, the price including a wireless keyboard and mouse as well as Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business (which is free for a limited period). The top of the range i7 model which also includes 8GB RAM, a 1TB hard drive and touchscreen capabilities is £9.60+VAT per week, again on a three year flexi lease. Its cheaper than an iMac !

The HP 8300E could be seen as an ideal Windows based alternative to the Apple iMac (starting at £8.95 plus VAT per week on a flexible lease) giving businesses the ergonomic and space saving benefits without breaking the bank or compromising on specification. HardSoft are a HP Preferred Partner for 2012 and can assist with your needs. The HP 8300 starts shipping mid October, however, HardSoft can also offer great All-in-One alternatives !

Please feel free to contact us now regarding all new business All-in-Ones or any of our other products available on a flexible lease basis! Call us on 020 7111 1643 or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk.


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