Its here and now available to lease from HardSoft Computers today….New 13″, 15″ and 17″ MacBook Pro featuring the faster Sandy Bridge Intel CPU’s. Styling and looks are the same but the innards have changed. Apple’s MacBook Pro 13” model is now sporting an Intel i5 processor or the new i7 (fastest Dual Core processor ever produced) which is up to twice the performance of previous versions. It doesn’t stop here with the 15” and 17” machines all being upgraded to Intel i7  Quad Core. With Hyper-Threading this means 8 virtual cores at your disposal. The Laptop now manages most resources in the back ground too deciding where to increase performance based on what you are running, increasing power to processors and graphics the more intense usage becomes.

AMD (Or ATI as they used to be known) Radeon have provided the latest line of Graphics cards to the new Apple MacBook Pros, with upto 1GB DDR5 and 3 x faster performance. You will be seeing more Frames per second whether you are into 3D gaming, Running AutoCAD or HD Editing.

The mobile minded will be more than happy about the new 7 hour battery life… while on a Wireless internet connection! previously Apple quoted 7+ hours but that was whilst not sucking power for the Wireless. It will also last up to 3 times longer than your average laptop battery which saves a few pounds in replacements which is also pretty good for the environment.

The 17″ models are more expensive than previous models whilst the 13″ and 15″ are about the same. HardSoft engineers will look into the details a little further overnight and update this blog in the morning with further views. If you have have any queries on  leasing, Macs or geeky stuff then contact us.


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