At the start of 2013, HardSoft introduced a trade in/part exchange scheme in which new and existing business customers can part-exchange their old Apple Mac computers against and offset the cost against a brand new leased Apple Mac through us… and its now available for the new Apple Mac Pro due in December.out with old

Since being introduced, the trade-in scheme has been extremely popular giving customers the opportunity to wipe the dust off of their old Mac from 2007 and trading it in for a brand new shiny model. A couple of examples of how the part exchange can work for you are below:

  • Part-exchange your Apple iMac 20” Core 2 Duo from 2007 and it will reduce the lease cost of a new 21.5” iMac by £1.40 per week, giving you the brand new 21.5” iMac for just £8.90 + VAT per week
  • Send us your 17” Core i5 2.53GHz MacBook Pro from 2010 and take £4.20 per week off of the cost of the new MacBook Pro 15” with Retina Display.

We appreciate that your old Mac may be a few years old and may have general wear and tear, however, as long as it is in working condition, we can accept it no problem at all.

Around this time last month, Apple announced and released the new MacBook Pro with Retina display with the latest Intel Haswell and Crystalwell processor and the iris and Iris Pro graphics. Here at HardSoft, we have both 13” and 15” models available on a flexible lease basis with the 13” starting at £9.80 + VAT per week and the 15” starting at £14.80 + VAT per week.  However, if you have an older Apple Mac, you canr educe that weekly lease cost by using the part-exchange scheme. The most popular 13” MacBook Pro with Retina display is certainly the ‘mid-spec’ model with 8GB RAM, 256GB Flash Storage and, of course, the brand new Apple OS Mavericks. On a 3 year flexible lease, this machine is £11.20 + VAT per week, however, if you have a 13” Early 2011 MacBook Pro, for example, you could take off £2.65 per week. This would leave you with a brand new 13” MacBook Pro with Retina display for just £8.55 + VAT per week.

Also, as you most probably know, Apple announced the most in demand and highly anticipated Mac recently which is of course, the new Apple Mac Pro. Here at HardSoft we have started taking orders on the 2 models that are on the Apple Store which are:

  • Quad Core 3.7GHz, 12GB RAM, Dual AMD D300 2GB Graphics, 256GB Flash Storage, OS X Mavericks – £20.80 + VAT per week on a 3 year flexible lease.
  • Six Core 3.5GHz, 16GB RAM, Dual AMD D500 3GB Graphics, 256GB Flash Storage,  OS X Mavericks – £27.80 + VAT per week on  3 year flexible lease.

Prices include 3 years warranty as well but will exclude keyboard mouse and screen. .Here at HardSoft we believe that this will be the mac pro leasingmost popular Apple machine in the last few years AND we can offer the part-exchange scheme on the new Mac Pro. For example, if you have a Quad Core 3.0GHz original Mac Pro from August 2006, you can trade this in and take £1.95 off of the weekly lease cost of the brand new Apple Mac Pro. If you have a newer model, for example, Six Core 3,33Ghz from July 2010 then you can send it back to us, take a new lease on the new 2013 Apple Mac Pro and reduce the weekly lease cost by £4.50 per week. In total that is £702 plus VAT (£842.40 inc VAT)

For Home or Personal users we offer similar trade in and part exchange deals on Macs against a new one. HardSoft are an Approved Apple stockist and all Macs will come with 3 years warranty and telephone technical support. As well as this, your brand new leased Apple Mac will come with 500GB cloud backup.

So, if you have an old Apple Mac, sitting in the corner, collecting dust, please contact our sales team on 020 711 1643 or email to arrange a brand new, shiny, leased Apple Mac and send us your old one !

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