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The new 15″ Elitebook 8570w

Design and CAD Mobile Workstations are often expensive and making the right choice can be difficult, we have chosen two of our most popular 15” High End laptop and decided to run through their similarities and differences to help with that all important business decision. The furthest thing from your mind in both cases should be cost. This is because, both are available of a flexible lease package from HardSoft Computers. This makes large investments (like the cost of IT usually is) affordable on a monthly payment plan with ownership at the end for £1 and 3 year warranty included !

On the face of it there isn’t much difference between the HP EliteBook 8570W and the Lenovo ThinkPad W530, both come with an option for the very Latest 3rd generation i7 Processors, a potential upgrade to a massive 32GB RAM, and 750GB HDD or 256GB SSD. Both machines also run an NVIDIA K1000 or 2000 graphics card which is CAD certified and offers massive Graphics potential. They also have the same outputs, 2 USB 3.0 Ports, 1 USB 2.0 Ports, Mini Display, VGA and expandability for docking etc.

the lenovo thinkpad w530 available to lease at hardSoft

The Lenovo Thinkpad W530

That’s the similarities so let’s look at some of the differences, a big one for the Photographers out there will be the Screen at the base level both are very similar however with the top line screens on each the HP begins to shine, thanks to its IPS technology not only is this more vibrant but when viewing the screen from an off angle thanks to the alignment of the liquid crystals you won’t lose any clarity. The HP also has a full numeric keyboard which we appreciate is important to some as well as a slightly more expansive card reader. The Lenovo does however come in as the lighter machine (about 10% lighter than the HP) and offers a potential battery life of near double the HP ! Both are robust to military spec.

So Price, although on lease both these machines are easily affordable how do they compare with each other on a weekly payment. Prices start from £14.90 + Vat per week on lease for the 8570W compared to a slightly lower £13.80 + VAT per week on the Thinkpad W530 although with various additions to spec these prices could be as much a £20 + VAT per week ! Either way both mobile workstations have a lot to offer but I believe the Lenovo steals it as a portable machine, if you don’t take the workstation out and about as much however the HP is probably superior. But if you do want something lighter or bigger than HP do win as they do offer 14″ and 17″ mobile workstations.

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