Microsoft Surface for Education

7th December 2017
Man looking out of window with laptop next to him

When it comes to the education sector, most schools have been using Apple’s Macbooks and iPads which work really well for them. However, the release of Microsoft’s Surface range means that there is now a great alternative to those iPads and Macbooks.
A study conducted by FutureSource found that Apple iOS and MacOS devices are in decline, particularly in the USA, and are not necessarily the primary tools of those in the education system. They found that outside of the US, Microsoft is still a leader in the market
The key factors in this were viewed to be the price, and Apple’s quirky keyboards. iPads are great for helping younger children in nursery and primary schools, but as children progress they often need to type their work and create projects which are more suited to a traditional keyboard and mouse interface. Head teachers and school administrative departments can often find that for the price of one MacBook with a good specification, they can get several laptops or Chromebooks for their students to use.
Microsoft also has services such as Intune for the classroom, Microsoft Teams in Office 365 for Education, and School Data Sync to help make teacher’s lives easier.
Microsoft have added to the Surface Pro tablet this year and introduced a rage of Surface products which are high specification, high quality products, which run the Windows operating system and offer a reliable rival to the Apple Mac range.

The Surface Book 2 and the Surface Laptop both have a 13.5” PixelSense Touchscreen with great high specs of i5 and i7 Processors. The Surface Book 2 is an amazing 2-in-1 tablet which weighs a little over 1Kgs, making it perfectly portable for students, and it converts into a laptop! Meanwhile the Surface Laptop has facial recognition and runs using the Windows 10 S operating system, which allows you to easily roll out account and security settings between all machines just by using an encrypted USB stick.
The Surface Pro is the Microsoft version of the tablet, offering the latest 7th Gen Intel i7 Processor with a 12.3″ touchscreen and 13 hours of battery life which will see you through the whole school day. Finally the Surface Studio is a real rival to the Apple iMac. A thin all-in-one unit that has a massive 28” PixelSense Touchscreen which can be rotated and used in the normal upright position or flattened to the desk, like a huge tablet. These can be used as higher end graphics and animation stations using the NVIDIA Geforce range of graphics cards, up to 2TB Flash drive and Intel i7 processors.
So as you can see, the Microsoft Surface range really does have something for everyone in education and really rivals the Apple products. For more information on leasing any of the Surface products for your school get in touch with our team on 020 7111 1643.