Meet your Account Managers

11th October 2017
Office with people working on laptops, computers and tablets
The brothers in 1983 who started HardSoft

HardSoft has been trading for more than 30 years, started by our founders and brothers – Andrew and Philip Morgan – in 1982. Both have always been at the forefront of computer and IT technology and pride themselves on HardSoft’s ability to stay current and move with the ever changing landscape of the industry. Starting designing and selling computer games for the Dragon 32 back in 1983 then selling Amstrad PC’s in the early ’90’s. The HardSoft Sales team shares the ethos of Phil and Andy. Account managers are always up to date with the latest products and offers, so that we can provide you with the best kit for your needs, at the best price.

Let’s introduce you to the HardSoft Sales Team

Steve says his HardSoft sentence, so far, is 12 Years. His favourite aspect of working at HardSoft is being part of its evolution over the years. When he first started we were selling Pentiums and the fax machine was King, from orders to proposals with our lease funders, all the answers came out of it. Now we sell a huge amount of products  and “The Cloud” is the new King!
When he’s not at HardSoft Steve plays rugby for Epping Upper Clapton Rugby Club, as well as badminton on a Monday evening with one of our founders Phil. Steve says “he is much better than me, but please don’t tell him.” Oops, sorry Steve! He is also a Game of Thrones and Star Wars geek. Happily married since 2011, Steve has a little boy who is now two. Oh and he has a brown Labrador named Baxter. Steve’s most proud achievement (apart from those two) is being a London 2012 Olympic Games Maker at Hampton Court Palace, standing on the finish line (opposite Princess Anne) as Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins won Bronze and Gold respectively.  Interogate Steve with a Phone appointment. Book a 15 minute session. or email

Ryan has worked at HardSoft for 9 years and says he’s hoping for a gold watch next year, despite being around 30 years off of retirement age! He was lured in by what he describes as “an exceptional level of office banter” and decided to stay, and here he still is.
Ryan loves a cup of tea, and outside work loves films, and a good Netflix binge. According to Ryan he dislikes everything else – which we’re sure will please his lovely girlfriend to hear!
When we asked Ryan to share a fact that no one would know about him, he told us he dresses like a wizard at the weekend. No, we have no idea either, and we didn’t like to ask any more! Book a phone call with Ryan here or email

Michael has been with HardSoft for 8 years, he says the best part of working here is that because it’s a family run SME business you feel a part of that family and it’s a very collaborative place to work.
Michael enjoys a good chat and talks a lot – no bad thing for someone in sales! – and he does believe he has the gift of the gab. He considers himself to be absolutely hilarious and the office comedian – his colleagues may beg to differ!
Away from work, Michael played cricket at county level up until the age of 18 and still enjoys playing cricket to a good standard on Saturdays for his local cricket club in Harlow. When he’s not playing cricket, he enjoys eating cheese and drinking good red wine. You can get in touch with Michael here or

Jamie is coming up to his 3rd year at HardSoft, after jumping at the opportunity to leave 3 am shifts at Stansted Airport. He started out his HardSoft career as an assistant to the sales team, with a focus on learning and developing skills, website management and of course, he was the go-to Tea Maker…
Fast forward a couple of years and Jamie is now a fully-fledged member of the sales team, dealing with new and existing customers on a daily basis. He enjoys working at HardSoft thanks to the fantastic atmosphere to work in, and the great social life, with nights out, boat parties and the annual Christmas trip to look forward to!
Outside of work, Jamie enjoys watching TV & Films, from Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off, to Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead – and pretty much everything else in between. Jamie says that other than nights out with his mates or enjoying a good meal out, he leads a fairly boring life – and he’s the youngest one here, that can’t be right!  if you want to discuss things then book a telephone appointment. Or call Jamie on 020 7111 1643 Ext: 407 or
Scarlett is the newest member of the sales team, having only been with us for 5 months. She has a previous sales background working in the City and is leading a new focus to improve our customer service even further. Scarlett grew up in Sawbridgeworth and lives not far from the office.
She is attempting to follow Slimming World, which isn’t easy when you work for HardSoft, where food is discussed from 8.30am through to 5.30pm with everyone asking “what’s for breakfast/lunch?” and “is it time for tea and cake?”. Although we’ve only ever known her to be a platinum blonde, Scarlett has changed my hair colour several times in the past and been everything from red, turquoise, purple, brown, and back to platinum. Away from the office, Scarlett has recently raised a lot of money for a local charity by doing a charity skydive, which she says “was the best experience in my life, AMAZING!”. You can get in touch with Scarlett on 020 7111 1643 Ext: 408 or
Our knowledgeable sales team are here to help you find the best deal possible for your business. Take a look at our website at and see what products you would like to lease from HardSoft, then give the sales team a call on any of the numbers listed above, or the general Head Office number 020 7111 1643.