Managing your network through leasing, without an IT geek

4th July 2016
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Creating a network – no matter the size of your business – is advantageous as it allows you to share one internet connection, files, printers, resources and endless other peripherals. A network basically makes it easier for everyone to work, but they usually necessitate IT expertise.
As IT geeks ourselves, we feel we can freely use the title to describe our fellow technophiles, a community of people who are the backbone of any business; keeping the data flowing and everything operating as it should – seamlessly and discreetly. When it comes to networks, however, the general consensus is: let someone else take care of that while we do the good stuff.
Luckily for both us and business owners, it is possible to manage your network without the need of an IT geek, and that’s through leasing your servers. Allow us to explain.

What’s leasing all about?

Leasing servers refers to the common – often favoured – practise of renting IT equipment. Available as towers or racks, this offers businesses an end-to-end, flexible solution; where there’s no need to negotiate deals with dozens of suppliers. Instead, your chosen partner will provide the hardware, set it up and off you go. No one else needs to get involved. Your IT geek can keep coding without a distraction.

Looks after itself

As part of the leasing package, you pretty much don’t have to do a thing, other than liaise with the server leasing supplier. At Hardsoft, our qualified engineers will install the towers or racks for you, dealing with cabling, data migration, setting up remote working, etc., but that’s not all. We will discuss software options with you, carry out a pre-delivery site inspection (should you wish) and be on call (during business hours) should you encounter any issues and require remote support assistance. You’ll also receive damage cover, should the unthinkable occur. Your IT geek can get on with something far more valuable to the business.
Hardsoft network and server leasing

Keeps your equipment up to date

One of the biggest problems with buying a server is that it quickly becomes out of date, if not obsolete. Through leasing, you have the option for upgrades or simply to return the item at the end of the rental term. Our renew option means that you could swap your existing server for a newer version and potentially enjoy similar payments. That means your company will be running on the most technologically advanced servers and your IT geek won’t have to worry about upgrades.

Cost savings

Paying a little per month rather than making that huge, initial outlay makes leasing a far more financially-manageable choice. Better still is that it is classed as a business expense and so can work in your favour, tax-wise. Should you buy the equipment, on the other hand, you’ll be taxed on it. That’s just one area in which savings can be made. Another is avoiding the afore-mentioned depreciation of the servers. Lastly, by not having to employ a dedicated IT expert to look after the servers, you’ll have funds to spend.  Perhaps to bolster the salaries of your existing IT geeks? (Sorry folks, we tried).
Ultimately, it’s easy to manage your network without the need for additional IT resource. If you’d like to find out more, please give us a call on 0207 111 1643.