Mac Users – It Might be Time to Add a Windows Server

24th January 2018
Group project work on an Apple desktop

If you have Macs your current network solution is likely to include a Mac mini, or even an XServe, configured with additional Server Apps from the App Store to enable functions such as file sharing and permissions etc.

Mac Windows Server Network Options
You may have Macs but your next server needs to be Windows 2016 Server

The big issue with this is that since the old OSX server upgrade to the new version of MacOS High Sierra came into effect and server functionality has been severely reduced as Apple pull back support for Servers and push towards Cloud only Servers.
Apple have also removed FTP and iOS File sharing from the Server App, which means that it is no longer a network manager, and has become more like the office junior/filing assistant. When you combine this with the fact that the Mac Mini tech is now getting fairly old, with it not having been updated since late 2014, plus that it’s missing important items such as Thunderbolt 3, and it becomes clear that the functionality has reduced to the point of being almost useless. Which, let’s face it, is not a great deal of use to most businesses!

Switch to Windows Server 2016

For the more security conscious network owners who also want to control their data, the answer is to move to a Windows based server. Particularly as High Sierra is in fact now super compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2016.
Microsoft have in turn improved support for Macs with Windows 2016 Server the de-facto standard for remote access, file sharing and security in the Mac world. HP – who make the Servers to run Server 2016 – have recently upgraded their range, which is something that only happens every few years, with the new Proliant Gen10 Servers trail blazing on security. This is another indication that Mac users are likely to be turning to Windows Servers to rectify any issues with their Server functionality.

Small businesses have become increasingly complex with most of them having multiple devices and operating systems. In the past, life was a little easier as most devices would be running some kind of edition of Windows but in the last five years, there has been a shift. Windows PCs are still being used but they’ve been joined by Mac desktops and notebooks, iOS and Android mobile devices, a ever increasing number of Windows mobile devices and computers.

Time to Strengthen your Network

With a multitude of systems available and in use, it’s more important than ever to strengthen your business with a dedicated Server, particularly if you’re running Macs that have the reduced functionality which High Sierra brought with it.
Our standard 5-user iMac network is the perfect leasing solution for small creative businesses. Starting at £58 per week plus VAT on a three year flexible lease with an inclusive warranty. Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 or Office 365 can be added for all Macs as can Printers. For more information on the HP Proliant Gen10 Servers take a look at our fact sheet. All Mac leasing packages include everything to run your business with your choice of Support and Installation options. For more information on networks and servers, give our expert sales team a call on 020 7111 1643, or email