Mac Pro's for VFX

6th October 2011
Group project work on an Apple desktop

Hasraf Dulull, is Visual Effects Supervisor at Prime Focus Ltd  and Director / VFX Supervisor at HaZ- VFX. He has worked on films such as the Dark Knight, Hell Boy 2 and Prince of Persia. He has just finished directing and producing his first short film “FUBAR” using the Apple Mac Pro 8-Core and an Apple MacBook Pro leased from HardSoft. Take a look at his creative but unusual movie…
HardSoft Computers are a specialist Apple Reseller who offer leasing and finance for Apple Mac solutions needed by Visual Effects designers . Hasraf has had two Macs from HardSoft on lease and understands that HardSoft can offer the lease solution which gives him options to upgrade and stay up to date. Understand more about HardSoft Leasing and how it helps create movies.