We Blog a fair bit here at HardSoft about Leasing high value Mac equipment especially Apple  iMacs and Mac Pro’s, one machine oftenBVE overlooked in all of this is the Mac mini. So what is it, what makes it a great product?

For one the Mac mini is not only a smart compact design (would you expect anything else from Apple ? ) but it ships without any extras meaningyou can use your existing Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor. Or it allows a custom solution of your peripherals.  (It doesn’t come with a keyboard or mouse) It has wireless, Bluetooth, HDMI, SD Card Slot and Thunderbolt offering a truly large array of ports. It amazingly only has a foot print of  just 7.7” x 7.7” and they fit a power supply into this small unit to save having the brick attached to your power cord too.

So I hear you say “Surely this tiny box can’t be that powerful? It must come up short on spec” – That just isn’t the case with options for i5 or i7 processors and AMD Radeon 6630M Graphics it can easily tick all boxes for anyone doing their Day to Day work with a little bit of Graphics work thrown in for good measure. For those of you with Environmental concerns Mac mini is also the most energy efficient Desktop available drawing less than 13watts when idle.

Possibly the most exciting part of all this is the Server configuration, by sacrificing the DVDRW (this product is compatible with Air Drive so no great loss) you get 2 x 500GB HDD’s (larger (750GB) and faster SSD drives can be fitted)  offering you redundancy for your data and thanks to the Thunderbolt port adding a Promise Pegasus (Also available on 3 year flexible lease) or a Lacie 2Big. It makes this a formidable and fast storage system. All of course comes complete with the inclusion of Lion Server with unlimited client licenses. With i7 CPU the Mac mini Server challenges the old Xserve and the neglected Mac Pro server. We can offer the Mac mini with 16Gb Ram for an extra £1.50 per week on the 3 year lease including warranty.

With prices starting from £4.60 + VAT per week on lease for the i5-2.3Ghz, including 3 years warranty; it is safe to say this is not the Ginger step child of the Apple family but a genuinely hard working affordable option.  For enquiries email ryan@hardsoft.co.uk – A Certified Apple Product Professional. HardSoft are an Authorised Apple Reseller.


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