Apple have been the choice of many school ICT coordinators but budgets and the monopoly market share of companies like RM have almost forced school decision makers to stick with the world of Microsoft Windows. Recent changes to government funding of ICT projects and the abandonment of BECTA allows schools to be more free and open minded in ICT and IT decisions.

Some ten years ago HardSoft Computers, who specialise in IT leasing, were exceptionally busy installing new PC systems into schools. As budgets loosened in the 90’s then schools had no need to lease and spent capital on computers. HardSoft have seen a significant uplift in enquiries for IT leasing from schools as the budgets start to be constrained. HardSoft now have various flexible leasing plans to schools. Whether its annual payments or monthly payments, deferred payments or staggered payments, an operating lease or a flexible finance lease. – All are possible. Becoming popular are our 3 years operating leases (which work like a pure rental) which the school can return the computers at the end or can choose to buy the equipment at the market price then finance this over 1 to 2 years. This path is very popular with Apple computers and the Apple Learning Lab as Apples retain up to 30% of their value after 3 years and generally have a longer life than a PC system.

Apple has a special iMac now available at a reduced cost to schools. Contact HardSoft for details of this unique product and the benefits of tailoring your budget to your needs.


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