Hardsoft are happy to announce the arrival of the new OS X Lion Server! Apples latest operating system introduces and obvious and pretty extreme directional shift for the Macintosh line-up; and Hardsoft Computersare proud to offer this with Apple Mac Pro and Mac Mini leased!

Five Things Hardsoft Loves about leasing Apple’s Lion Server:

1. THE PRICE! This new server is in fact at a lower price than its predecessor! For the amount of money you’d pay for a single licence for Window Seven Ultimate, you could install Mac OS X Lion on over 70 Machines!

2. GESTURES! Track pad- gestures are taken to a new level on Apple’s New OS X Lion Server. Hardsoft are impressed with the fact that with some simple and surprisingly intuitive finger swipes, Lion users will be able to browse desktops, launch applications, enlarge, shrink, twist, turn, scroll Internet history and much more without even touching the keyboard!

3. PROFILE MANAGER! Simple yet powerful way to set up and remotely manage computers as well as the iPad and iPhone, plus the ability to share files with theses iOS devices! OS X Lion Server also simplifies new configuration profiles and user accounts in addition to sending out updated configurations over the air automatically!

4. FULL-SCREEN APPLICATIONS! For the ADD Generations, clutter is our arch-nemesis. Because of Lions new Mission Control Feature, browsing desktops dressed with a single application is convenient and almost therapeutic to those easily distracted.

5. ALL NEW SERVER APP! Hardsoft have proven within our offices that this is the place to go for practically everything relating to your server. Just a few clicks and your off with local and remote administrations of features and services such as, users and groups, file sharing, calendaring, email, contacts, chat, Time Machine, VPN,  Web, and Wiki Services!

GIVE US A CALL TODAY! Hardsoft are now leasing Mac Pro and Mac Mini  with OS X Lion Server by Apple. Enjoy efficiency and excellence with Hardsoft Today!


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