ICT Leasing solutions to Schools

14th March 2014
People working on tablets and computers

With the rate of IT development as well as changes in the ways we educate our children, we all know that having the right computer equipment in schools is not only important, but it can also be very costly. At  HardSoft we lease or buyempathise with you, but not only do we feel your worry, we also have a solution that will help you to provide your school, and your students, with the equipment that they need for a quality education.
HardSoft specialises in fully compliant ICT Leasing for the education sector, and your Apple iPad offering is one of our most popular yet. We have custom-made this service especially, you are given the opportunity to lease equipment directly from us, and see it as a rolling investment. Not only will you benefit from the use of the computer equipment during the lease, should you decide to renew the lease you will benefit from it even more.
Our flexible lease offerings are designed to suit you and your school, whatever your needs. This means that you can choose the investment period that suits you, as well as payment periods that suit your budget. For example you can lease your equipment over a three or five year period and choose payments monthly, quarterly or even annually. Pay by invoice or direct debit to suit.
Apple authorised leasingThe most important part of this is that you don’t think that once you’re signed into a lease that you’re stuck with the same equipment forever, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We know that IT is updated faster than you apple learning labcan keep up with, which is why you can upgrade your equipment as technology changes, without changing your regular payments. And, if you choose to renew your lease at this point, then you can even keep the old equipment to expand the network or sell on. HardSoft has been leasing computers to schools for many many years and is unique in that is that one stop shop.
HardSoft leasing is not only convenient for you, but you’ll be pleased to know that it is also LEA approved, and includes a full 3 year warranty to cover any problems you may find with your new equipment. Not only this but all of our leases for schools are covered by a comprehensive insurance package, meaning that any Apple iPad leased to you that is accidentally damaged will be fixed or replaced – at no cost to your school. This insurance also covers theft both within your organisation, and by staff and students.
It is overall cheaper to lease your school’s Apple iPads from us than to buy outright from Apple, and taking advantage of the upgrade options as well you’ll be stumped for a better deal. Take, for example, the Apple iPad Air, the newest and most popular iPad by far. The Air costs £390  + VAT in Store, including a 2 year Apple Care warranty, whereas to lease the same machine from us for three years would cost you £360 + VAT, and that includes our 3 year Hard Soft warranty that includes next day swap out.

Bretford trolley ipad leasing
The Bretford Powersync trolley for iPads

The Apple iPad 2 is available in the Apple Store for £331.67 + VAT with the 2 year Apple Care plan, and costs just £300.60 + VAT through a HardSoft operating lease with a 3 year warranty. We also have the iPad Mini, which is great for children, and you could save £28 per iPad when leasing the Mini, including a total of three years warranty. Plus there are options on insurance to protect the school from unexpected disasters.
All of our iPads for schools come with an Apple Learning Lab, an enclosed lockable trolley unit which houses 30 iPads while charging, and an iPad mini which will enable you to configure them while they’re charging. HardSoft offer full set-up and training when you lease from us, and so you won’t have to worry about a thing. An Apple Certified engineers will install the Apple Management software and demonstrate how it works so teachers can spend more time teaching than sorting out the IT issues.
So if you want the most up to date ICT equipment for your school at the best price available to you, look no further than HardSoft where tailoring a finance package is made easy.