Leasing Discounts on Apple Mac’s

17th May 2010
Group project work on an Apple desktop

Promotions running through May and June 2010 from HardSoft on their flexible leasing , include quantity  discounts now built into our website. Every extra laptop, PC or Apple Mac is discounted by 1%. (up to a maximum of 5%) So an order for 4 X Apple iMacs automatically entitles you to a 4% discount
Additionally all 17” Apple MacBook Pro’s and Windows Mobile graphics Workstations (from Lenovo W series and HP w series ) feature three years insurance against accidental damage/theft AND World Wide cover . Our figures show this is worth at least £426. Have a look at www.laptopguard.co.uk to get an idea on laptop insurance.
HardSoft can include insurance on any of their products. This is particularly popular on mission critical laptops. HardSoft offer laptops from Apple, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and Sony on their popular lease rental that they have been offering for over 20 years.
iPad Disappointment- Many of our customers are excited by the new Apple iPad. Unfortunately the first shipment into the UK will only available via the Apple Store . HardSoft are an Apple Authorise Reseller and though we have demo stock we will not see stock until August at the earliest. Additionally there is a customer limit of 2 !