Lease guide: Everyday business laptops

13th June 2021
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Whether you’re looking for a single laptop, or a fleet of devices for your employees, finding the right everyday business laptop is essential. As well as looking for a machine that is sleek and portable, every business needs equipment that delivers on quality and performance. You also need to ensure the laptop you choose is right for your role and industry, as well as for the way in which it will be used.

You also need to consider how you plan to invest in your equipment. Leasing can be a great alternative to purchasing equipment outright, especially for businesses looking to manage cash flow and ensure they always have the most up-to-date tech.

To help, we’ve put together a comprehensive lease guide, sharing everything you need to know about investing in laptops for your business.

Leasing vs. purchasing

When it comes to shopping for your business laptops, you can choose to purchase them outright or lease them for a regular payment amount. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of leasing vs purchasing to understand which option most benefits your business.


If you choose to lease your business laptops, you will pay a weekly payment and have the ability to upgrade your equipment every two years. Benefits of choosing to lease include:

  • Good for cashflow

With predictable weekly payments, leasing helps to balance cashflow for businesses and frees up money that can be spent on other areas.

  • Tax relief

Leasing equipment can be treated as a business expense, meaning you can claim the payment against your profits as it is 100% tax allowable.

  • Upgrade to the newest tech

Every two years you will have the option to upgrade your laptop, meaning you will always have up to date tech that is fit for the job. Forget slow and obsolete devices.

  • It’s hassle-free

With ongoing technical support, you have the peace of mind your devices will always be running optimally. It also eliminates the need to dispose of or sell your old laptop when it comes time to upgrade.

Purchasing outright

If you choose to purchase your laptops outright, you will have to pay a significant initial payment. Your business will then own the equipment and you will be responsible for all maintenance and updates. When the laptop reaches the end of its life, you will then need to dispose of or sell the device before making another large purchase to upgrade.

Financial benefits of leasing laptops for your business

Not only is leasing good for cash flow, but it is also 100% allowable against tax. Depending on the package and equipment you choose, it can be classed as either a finance-lease or an operating lease. With a finance lease, you can claim full tax relief for the annual depreciation of the capitalised asset and finance charges, whereas with an operating lease you can claim full tax relief for the monthly rentals.

If you choose to lease your laptops through Hardsoft, we can provide all of the information your accountant will need to make decisions about the tax treatment of the expense. 

Workplace benefits of leasing laptops for your business

Choosing to lease laptops for your business will have a positive knock-on effect to other areas of the workplace including employee productivity and staff retention. To produce quality work and be efficient in the workplace, your employees need the best technology you can afford to give them.

With leasing, you can be rest assured your employees always have the right equipment for the job and they’re not getting frustrated over slow or old tech. This in turn can have a positive impact on staff retention. Competition is bigger than ever before for top talent, so you need to make sure the technology you choose isn’t letting your employees, or your business down.

Which business laptop should I choose?

Here at Hardsoft, we have a range of Apple MacBooks and PC Laptops available. For all everyday business laptops, you likely want something that offers high performance, good battery life and quality security. Some of our most popular everyday business laptops include:

With the choice of a 13.5” or 15” touchscreen, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is ready to go with the latest 10th Generation Intel i5 or i7 CPU and integrated Intel Iris Graphics.

This 2-in-1 laptop guarantees a smooth user experience and with its 11th Gen Intel i7 GPU, 16GB RAM, and 512 GB SSD you can breeze through your working day.

With the new M1 chip from Apple, this MacBook Pro offers more speed and power than ever before. It also offers 20 hours of battery life, so you can work for longer.  

Explore our range of Apple MacBooks and Everyday Business Laptops to find something suited to your business needs.

Devices for Teams

If you need multiple laptops for your business, our DaaS model called Devices for Teams may be the perfect solution. In the same way as leasing, this concept allows you to pay a monthly fee for your hardware instead of paying a lump sum upfront. You also get a range of benefits, including true flexibility depending on the needs of your business. Allowing you to scale up or down when needed, you will only pay for what you need.

Each Devices for Teams subscription will also include a full 360-degree wrapper. This means extended warranty, support, installations, configurations and loan devices will all be included, ensuring your tech is always running effectively for your business.


How to get started with leasing a business laptop

Firstly, tell us what it is that you need. Our expert team will then provide you with all of the information you need, including a quote for the devices you require and further information on our unique Apple and PC trade-in options. Once you have made your decision, you can then place your order and choose a delivery and installation date, benefiting from full support throughout.

Find out more today

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