Lacie saves the day

17th March 2017
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We have recently been singing the praises of our preferred storage solution LaCie. We have told you a little about it, but here is why it could save the day!

LaCie leasing
Lacie 6big, 12big and more

The LaCie Professional solutions are manufactured and maintained with creative professionals in mind. Extensive video footage, expansive audio sessions, and sprawling image libraries require a large amount of storage. When these files then need to be edited, it makes sense that all are available in the same place and can be delivered at high speeds. High capacity AND high performance are needed in equal measures, and excitingly, both are available. Lacie feature Segate Enterprise drives that offer 5 years warranty and greater reliability than normal NAS drives found in Drobo and Promise boxes.
With a relentless focus on reliability, you can be rest assured that your LaCie storage device will deliver a sustained performance ensuring your workflow is efficient. As a Thunderbolt technology pioneer, you are guaranteed fantastic results.They were the first to market with TB3 storage.

LaCie leasing
TB3 is faster and flibible

LaCie prides itself in their comprehensive range of Thunderbolt storage solutions. As I have said in previous blogs, Apple work very closely to ensure all of the products are certified for Mac OS- they are also certified for Windows too. With a focus on creative professionals, they have come up with super fast, mobile and convenient storage. To keep up with the amazing speeds needed, Thunderbolt technology is used as an interface for that high bandwidth. You can also daisy- chain up to 6 devices and not compromise on speed still.
By creating protection against disk failure, the added security that these solutions bring is exhaustive. RAID modes 5 or 6 will protect against disk failure without interfering again with that speed and capacity. You are also guaranteed hot- swappable disks for zero data loss and downtime. Web-based resources, experts in-house, technical support, worldwide repair and replacement coverage add an extra layer of protection. It is this service that sets LaCie out from the crowd and gives your businesses the peace of mind that you need. It is also this service which makes LaCie so compatible with HardSoft, with a shared goal we agree service is paramount for our customers.
With the modern design, the aluminium shell of the 6big or 12big offers durability along with being light enough for mobility. With capacities from 3TB all the way to 96TB you can find the solution for your company. Along with a new MacBook Pro you can afford this storage with a HardSoft lease.

Take advantage of the HardSoft value and service and lease today. For more information on these products or a tailor made quote for your company call our helpful sales team on 0207 111 1643. With over 30 years trading experience, we have the right IT for you at the right prices. With our Return, Retain, Renew system on a lease you will never be stuck with outdated technology.