Spring is here and we have been seeking out the latest and freshest products for our customers. LaCie offer storage solutions that are aimed at those creative professionals that make up a large part of our client base. They have had a revamp with new Thunderbolt 3 storage….

Storage is imperative for all companies and we believe that LaCie have the most exciting products on the market right now. Storage is often dismissed and forgotten when it comes to your technology purchases, but if you do not have good storage you are leaving yourself open to loosing data in a cyber attack and not being able to work as effectively and efficiently as your PC or MacBook could allow.

Lacie 6big leasing at HardSoft

Lacie 6big

We offer three manufacturers of external storage. Drobo and Promise also have a great range to choose from. But LaCie have set themselves out from the crowd by offering fantastic service and support. As HardSoft customers, you will know how seriously we take the additional support that is vital when using technology to keep your business working smoothly. Unlike Promise or Drobo  then Lacie offer an Advance Replacement Service on their units. Creative professionals need constant uptime and Harsoft understand this,. Lacie share this vision that business cannot be left without their technology without it having a huge impact on the company.

Depending on the platform you are working on will determine which storage solution is right for you. If you are working with video, for example you would be looking at the following products:

Filming in 4k; the Lacie 6big has enough speed and storage. It also has been designed to take on set to store as you work. You can lease from HardSoft from just £21.90 +VAT per week.

Lacie 12big storage leasing

Lacie 12big 

Filming in 5K video requires the Lacie 12big. This much larger storage solution works also works at  a much faster data transfer rate and will enable you to work dynamically with speed. The Lacie 12big with 48TB of storage (12 X 4TB hard drives) is available to lease at £46.90 plus VAT per week to lease from HardSoft. 

If you are lucky enough to be utilising 6k, then you need to use the Lacie Bolt 3. As we are at the beginning of 6k the Bolt 3 so far offers the speed that you need but does not offer the capacity at the moment. It is going to be competent and small enough to  The Lacie 6big and 12big do not compromise on speed and capacity. You can lease the Bolt3 from HardSoft from just £16.50  plus VAT per week.

LaCie were the first company to offer the Thunderbolt 3 (and 1 and 2) they work very closely with Apple to ensure their products compliment each other. We have spoken about the need for good Thunderbolt 3 storage products in other Blogs and these external hard drives are about as good as they get. Apple work closely with LaCie to ensure that their components are compatible and work seamlessly. The latest Apple MacBooks with Touch Bar come with less storage then their predecessor so the need is far greater for storage. Although, Apple MacBooks are not the only laptop which offer the USB-C connection; Dell and HP are prime examples of Laptops, which also benefit from the Lacie storage.

Lacie Bolt 3 SSD storage lease


Not only do the products work well but they also look good. Designer Neil Poulter has taken over from Stark with the sleek design, although the Stark legacy is still prominent with smaller storage devices such as the sphere, the handy and effective mirror and rugged are also some of LaCies most desirable products.

Although the Lacie 12big and Lacie 6big are as they say- pretty big they are actually made to be portable. The LaCie Pelican Cases offer you the opportunity to take your storage to site safely- perfect if you are filming and or editing. This autonomy means that you can keep all of your footage in one place and edit as needed.

With a HardSoft lease you can be rest assured that you have the right products for your business and at great rates. We pride ourselves in giving support and continued care thought the duration of your flexible business lease. It is this service which is recognised by our customers as the reason for their continued lease renewal. Our Return, Retain, Renew policy ensures that you will never be stuck with outdated technology. Give our helpful sales team a call today on 0207 111 1643 to discuss these product further or request a bespoke quote.



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