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11th July 2018
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Join HardSoft’s Exclusive ‘Creative Club’

For just £6 per week plus VAT, our members can have access to a pool of kit for short-term hire. That’s the kit you need when you need it for short-term projects. Nothing extra to pay. The kit in the pool will have a daily points value and you receive 350 points annually to use to hire the extra kit you need when you want it. All delivered and collected. It’s short-term computer hire that’s cheap and flexible.

Creative Club Products
Choose what you need from our Creative Club list

HardSoft’s new Creative Club is an exclusive group for our customers. If you’ve ever worked on a project and wished you had an extra MacBook Pro for a week or created a film and thought how much easier it would have been if you could have hired a 4K Camera and iMac Pro to make editing faster. Or even an iPad Pro just for a weekend to showcase at an exhibition. Maybe you need a Virtual Reality PC with an Oculus Rift headset then the Creative Club is perfect for you!

You choose the kit and how many days you need it and we deliver and collect it.

Up to four times a year, you can choose what kit you need from the list and how long you need it for, then we’ll deliver it to you the working day before your rental period starts and collect the day after the rental period starts (delivery and collection is included in your membership). At present we’ll need seven days notice for an order and you’ll have to book your CC kit via our email address, but we’re working on an online booking system and once that’s in place we’ll improve on wait times. Once you have the equipment you can load whatever software you need because there are no restrictions, you can just treat it like it’s your own! Don’t worry about wiping your data before returning at the end of your hire session, we have a safeguarding process in place which will ensure that all data is securely removed and destroyed within 48 hours of it coming back.

What’s in the Creative Club equipment list?

The Creative Club kit list has something for every business. We have the latest kit ready for that next need. All of the computers and equipment will be the latest models and specs, supplied in a ready to use condition – although they are not brand new.
You can choose from:
Apple mac hire

Creative Club Available Kit Daily Points Value
iMac Pro- Eight Core 50 per day
iPad Pro 12.9″ 10 per day
iMac 27″, 3.8GHz, 16GB RAM 15 per day
MacBook Pro 15″ Touch Bar 20 per day
Drobo 5D external storage array 5 per day
Sonnett eGFX box with GTX 1070 7 per day
Blackmagic 4K Camera 12 per day
VR PC, i7, with 27″ Display & Oculus Rift headset 15 per day
Surface Pro, i7, with Type Cover 13 per day

We’ll be reviewing the list of available kit and adding to it as demand dictates, so if you need something specific which isn’t currently on the list get in touch and we’ll get it for you.

What about insurance?

Accidental damage is covered on the Creative Club equipment (no excess to pay) but loss or theft isn’t. You should have provisions within your business insurance to cover this. You can take the equipment out of the UK and Ireland but the accidental damage cover does not extend to travel outside these areas. You should make sure you have cover if you intend to travel further afield.

How do I sign up?

Sounds great, doesn’t it. To confirm pricing- Paid quarterly by direct debit in advance at £78 plus VAT per quarter, plus an initial £30 set up fee.  You can have as many member ships at the same time. This is an annual subscription and can’t be cancelled until the end of the 12 month period. Naturally you can renew. All you need to do to sign up is visit the Creative Club webpage and click on ‘add to basket’. It’s a simple as that. If you have any questions that we haven’t covered here, get in touch with our Creative Club team on the email and they’ll be happy to help. There is a FAQ PDF available on this short term computer hire option here. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 7111 1643. Leasing computers from HardSoft has always made sense as we have so many USP’s… dicover the Difference with leasing computers and laptops from HardSoft…