Is your company lost within its own IT? HardSoft can bring you home.

2nd January 2020
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What does IT look like for your company?

Your IT system is the core of your business. Organising, scheduling and IT management are always taken care of, but how are those processes dealt within your IT infrastructure? And are they as efficient as they should be?

We take a look at how you can go about making your current IT system work more efficiently and most importantly, how we can all make it work for our businesses.

It’s hard to know what would be best for your business. If you manage an IT system yourself, you may be making it a lot more complicated and time-consuming than it needs to be. A self-managed IT system is likely to have less of a streamlined structure than one, which has been looked at by a professional.

Managing your IT system yourself might also mean that your software is outdated, or your hardware could use an upgrade. Microsoft in January is to cease patching and updating Windows 7. That means that a PC running Windows 7 could become compromised by new threats, viruses & exploits with no potential fixes on the horizon. It’s a threat to many businesses. Get a new PC or upgrade to Windows 10. Surprisingly a new Windows 10 PC could be cheaper than following the upgrade option.

These are the sort of things that you might not notice because you are not up to date with current IT thinking. Or you’re too busy to know that your staff’s computers are running slowly. Managing your IT system by yourself can also put your data and system at risk of threats or losses of data. Lots of people who run their IT systems by themselves, without a professional overview risk not protecting systems & being trapped in a system that isn’t as efficient or secure as it could be.

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The technology that is involved in IT systems that companies use is growing more and more advanced and it can be quite hard to understand if you are not technologically minded. A lot of people think that it works out cheaper for their company to have a self-managed IT system, however, this is not always the case.

Although the initial cost of hiring an IT provider might be more than you’d like to pay; doing so may mean that you can avoid unexpected costs. Things like the updating of software, after-hours support and email system upgrades can all be planned out and budgeted depending on when you can afford to do so. This sort of planning will be done by an IT-provider and you’ll save yourself money in the long run.

An IT system designed and maintained for your business by a third party equips you with the power of knowledge! Support will be vital in keeping your business running and you’ll be able to seek answers quickly without having to go to various sources as you would with a self-managed IT system.

With the experience of an IT professional, they’ll be able to find a solution to your IT related problems quickly and make sure that your system is running efficiently.

HardSoft has more than 35 years’ experience of leasing IT to startups, SMEs, sole traders, and enterprise business. We can help you to navigate your IT issues and make getting the latest tech affordable with our flexible solutions.

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