Is the LG Gram the Ultimate Lightweight Laptop?

10th January 2024

LG has etched its name into our consciousness with vivid imagery of cutting-edge televisions and immersive monitors. However, within their expansive repertoire lies a series of devices that defy expectations—their LG Gram laptops.

Last year, LG unveiled their latest marvels: the LG Gram SuperSlim, LG Gram Ultra 16”, and LG Gram Ultra 17”. These sleek machines stand poised to revolutionise the way we perceive lightweight laptops. And here at HardSoft, we’re delighted to now offer our customers a taste of this technological finesse.

LG Gram SuperSlim

If you’re looking for an incredibly lightweight laptop, but still desire a reasonably large display, then the LG Gram SuperSlim might be a good choice for you.

The crown jewel of lightness, the LG Gram SuperSlim enters the arena at a mere 990g, boasting a 15” display that defies conventional weight norms for its size. Not only that, but this laptop also features an OLED display paired with an AGLR (Anti-Glare and Low Reflection) panel, enabling you to work on the train, at the coffee shop, or anywhere else on the go, with ease.

Paired with Dolby Atmos sound and Intel Core processors, this 1.09cm thin laptop has passed rigorous MIL-STD-810H military durability testing, promising resilience amidst its seemingly delicate frame. And beneath its slim exterior lies a surprisingly decent amount of memory and storage: 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD.

Although, due to the thinness of this laptop (it’s width is comparable to the length of a fingernail) it does feature less ports than other laptops within the LG Gram range; LG Gram SuperSlim only features 1x USB-C port, 2x Thunderbolt 4 ports and 1x HP/MIC port. However, this obstacle can be easily overcome with the help of a laptop docking station, such as the Caldigit USB-C SOHO Dock.

While there are other excellent options for 15” laptops on the market, such as the Dell XPS 15 9530, rarely do they match the lightness of the LG Gram SuperSlim while maintaining the same RAM and SSD capacity. A base-spec XPS 15, for example, features a slightly lower SSD capacity at 512GB, yet still weighs 1.92kg – almost 1kg more than the LG Gram SuperSlim.

However, it is worth noting that despite weighing more, the XPS 15 may have slightly better graphics, as it features an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 graphics card, whereas LG Gram SuperSlim features an Intel Iris Xe Graphics card.

lg gram 16 and dell xps 13 weight comparison

LG Gram Ultra 16″

The LG Gram Ultra 16” weighs in at 1.2kg and houses a generous 16” display, challenging the norms of laptop weight. Equipped with 1TB SSD and 32GB RAM, the Ultra 16” echoes the SuperSlim’s Dolby Atmos sound, OLED AGLR display, military-grade durability, and powerful processors.

The obvious differences between Ultra 16” and the SuperSlim are that the former laptop has a bigger display, twice the amount of RAM, and of course, weighs slightly more – but the most important difference between them is probably that LG Gram Ultra laptops feature more ports than the LG Gram SuperSlim (1x HDMI port, 2x USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, 1x HP/MIC port, 1x Micro SD slot and 2x USB-A ports).

Although the LG Gram Ultra 16” weighs more than the LG Gram SuperSlim 15”, interestingly, both of these laptops are actually lighter than some 13” laptops on the market, such as the Dell XPS 13”, which weighs in at 1.32kg. This is great news for professionals who are using 13” laptops solely for their lightness and portability but would really prefer to be working from a device with a larger display.

LG Gram Ultra 17”

Last in the line-up, we have the LG Gram Ultra 17”, weighing in at 1.35kg and boasting a grand 17” display.

Despite being the heaviest among its siblings, it’s essential to underline that the Ultra 17” remains remarkably light when compared to other 17” laptops on the market. For example, the Dell XPS 17, which weighs 2.53kg, over 1kg more than the Gram Ultra 17”.

Of course, as with the Dell XPS 15, the XPS 17 does feature an arguably better graphics card than the Gram Ultra 17”, which is a good reason for it to weigh more. But, for those who don’t have need for RTX graphics, and want a large-display, lightweight laptop for every day, on the go working, LG Gram Ultra 17” should get the job done just as efficiently.

Mirroring the specifications and ports of the Ultra 16”, the Ultra 17” aligns itself as a testament to LG Gram’s commitment to providing size variety without compromising on performance.

LG Gram – A Paradigm of Performance and Lightness

In conclusion, the LG Gram range stands tall in a market saturated with promises of performance and portability.

It’s remarkable thinness and lightness set it apart, offering specifications that rival counterparts in the industry. The range’s diverse screen sizes, coupled with the choice of two-in-one options, provide a spectrum of choices for discerning users.

As we finish this exploration, we invite you to delve deeper into the realm of LG Gram laptops. Reach out to us for more information.