iPad Hire for Schools

24th April 2013
People working on tablets and computers

With the advent of some amazing Apps and Tools for the educational market the Apple iPad has become an essential part of the Classroom. ipad hire for schools
The iPad in the Learning environment has revolutionised the classroom and has inspired teaching professionals and students alike with interactive features that cannot be found in any textbook; with built in features like Video Mirroring a teacher can share their content with the whole class via a projector or screen.
HardSoft are Apple Authorised and have some exciting and creative finance solutions to allow both Schools and Parents to obtain the very latest technology at a low cost.   With the Apple iPad 2 at £ 12 a month and the fourth generation Apple iPad 16GB with Retina for £ 15 a month your school can get new iPads right now.
leasing computers for schoolsHardSoft offer a unique Operating Lease which is set out over a 3 year term. A lease is a fancy word for hiring.  Our most popular product for schools is the Apple iPad 2 which for £ 12 a month also includes a full 3 year warranty and all iPads are new. Any problems with the them we will send a replacement out on a next day basis and swap-it with the faulty one, leaving little or no downtime for the educational establishment.
In addition we understand the concern that schools have in terms of breakages and loss.  Therefore in every HardSoft Lease for schools we include fully comprehensive insurance to cover both accidental damage and loss of a device. All this is included in the cost so with an Apple iPad 16GB retina being only £ 15 a month, we offer the cheapest way for your school to obtain devices with the peace of mind that your schools equipment is protected.
As another major benefit we also review your lease after only 2 years. At this stage we will offer you three options, which no other lease company will:
RETAIN-   Keep your equipment and continue to pay the final 3rd year and own each device for just £1 each at the end of the term.
RENEWAL- Update your original equipment. Get the latest version of the iPad, send the old ones back and start a new lease on the new ones, the original agreement is cancelled. This is a great way to keep ahead of technology and regularly get the latest equipment without changing your budget.

iPad mini leasing and hire also available.

RETURN- If for any reason you do not need the devices any longer you can return them after 2 years with no penalty and the remainder of the lease is cancelled (Subject to a £15 per iPad reprocessing fee).
A few Schools have been ‘burnt’ by leasing in the past few years and there has been much negative publicity but leasing from a long established company like HardSoft is a safe option.. Many Financial Institutions and Banks have not been willing to lease to schools as well due to the fear of more negative feedback. With tightening school budgets and pressure to constantly improve IT provisioning then Schools need to consider leasing computers. We are open to business and retain our desire to work openly with Schools with simple contracts.
Not restricted to the iPad 2 we can also offer any of the Apple iPad options and can include accessories.   So ask us today for your quote and get your classroom back to the cutting edge- within your ICT budget. Call our sales team on 0207 11 11 643 and they will tailor a package to suit.