Interest Free Leasing

26th March 2010
devices for teams by HardSoft - DaaS without Faff

HardSoft Computers lease scheme are almost unique. We have over twenty years of experience and we have taken the best of our knowlege and distilled it down to craete our ‘Flexi-lease’. With inclusive warranty and support plus flexibility we belive we are unique. At the end of a standard 3 year IT lease we will sell you the equipment for just £39. Thats £39 per agreement NOT £39 per item. Unlike lease schemes from Dell or even Apple themselves we do not ask for outrageous fees to keep the computers. Dell, Apple and even the options from PC World all want a market value. If you lease Apple Macs then this can be a real negative as they on average have a secondhand value of 15% at the end of three years. (Figures from gartner Research) That means on average our competitors will want £150 from you for an iMac. £300 for an Apple  Mac Pro. We let you have it for £39 plus you then have something you can sell and make a profit on. Or put the value against a new  lease contract ?
Interest free options are available at the moment from HP and Apple and essentially these work in a similar vein. geneneally over 1 or 2 years you have to return the computer at the end of the lease term or pay the market price.  It may appear to be interest free leasing but you don’t get anything at the end of it. It just like renting ! These options for Network systems means this is almost immoral. Who would lease a Server and all the PC’s then send it all back ? Thats why HardSoft leasing is different.