The solution to expensive computer insurance could be to lease your new computer

3rd July 2018
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Insure against accidental damage with HardSoft
You have a shiny new computer (or computers) and they look fantastic and have made your life far simpler, but what if they get damaged or stolen? Would you be covered? And could you continue operating with no smartphone, laptop, or tablet? With your customers expecting a service from you that is fast and efficient, even a few days of downtime can cause you huge problems. Plus the costs of replacing your belongings can quickly mount up. Insurance is one of those things that always seems such a waste of money but is so important and a real must when you’re talking about expensive tech equipment.

Business users who lease computers from HardSoft must have sufficient insurance cover in place to cover the theft, loss or accidental damage to their new kit. You need to have appropriate cover in place, just as you do for your car because if your new computer were lost or stolen you’d still be liable for the future lease payments. This is why we always ask customers to send us a copy of their policy to confirm that it will be adequate to cover all of the computers and equipment on their lease.
Insure against theft with HardSoft

Will you get cover elsewhere?

We’ve often had comments from customers saying that insuring their tech equipment is expensive, and in fact, some insurers – including the popular Insure2go – won’t even supply a quote on some of the high ticket items they have. This is where another benefit of leasing a computer comes in, it entitles you to cheap cover.

Do you own an Apple device? If so, have you noticed any impact on your insurance? Apple devices are so common, but also very expensive and the market has been flooded with all of their ‘must have’ products. Even older models hold their price and cost a lot of money, whether that be phones, iPads, laptops or computers.

Apple has dominated the market for some time and the insurance market has changed to reflect this inrush of those Apple devices into our homes and businesses. Increasing numbers of insurance companies are excluding all Apple products from their insurance policies, having been hit with expensive repair and replacement bills which they haven’t had to cover in the past.

As a ‘one stop shop’, HardSoft can look after all of your IT, finance, and insurance needs in one place, saving you time and money in the process! We have done some research and some online insurers are more expensive, and the cover offered is poor. In some cases, as mentioned above, insurers will no longer cover high-value MacBook’s, Surface Books and the new iMac Pro.
Accidental damage cover available from HardSoft

For a 15” MacBook Pro or iMac 27” the charge is £265 per annum. Their Ultimate Cover, which includes Loss Cover, is £366.76. Also, the maximum replacement value is £2000 with a £100 excess.

Protect Your Bubble

For a 15” MacBook Pro or iMac 27” the charge is £209 per annum for theft. Their maximum replacement value is also £2000 with an £125 excess
The table below shows you examples of how much it will cost to insure a variety of our most popular Apple Mac computers via HardSoft, you’ll find that these prices are cheap in comparison to many insurance companies on the market.

Example pricing (prices per annum, excluding VAT)

iMac Pro 27″ 8-core, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD £95
Surface Book 2- 15″ – 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD £125
Dell XPS 13 Laptop –i7 £90
MacBook Air 13″ – 1.8GHz, 128GB SSD £90
MacBook Pro 15” Touch Bar – i7-2.9GHz, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD £120

You can choose to add this at any time throughout the term of the lease contract for your equipment. If you would like to find out more about insuring your computers with HardSoft, speak to your account manager on 020 7111 1643 or email