Insect Laptops – Introducing the Dragonfly and Firefly from HP

11th August 2020
Dragonfly and Firefly laptops from HP

Despite its six month lifespan, the average dragonfly will travel up to 18000km. At incredible speeds of nearly 60mph, they are considered one of the fastest winged insects. The dragonfly is famously associated with the Autumn months in Japanese tradition. The dragonfly is often considered in mythology to bring good luck. Novelist H.E. Bates once stated while looking over a pond filled with the bug:

“It was all confined, in true dragonfly fashion, to one small space. It was a continuous turning and returning, an endless darting, poising, striking and hovering, so swift that it was often lost in sunlight.”

It is considered a beauty throughout Eastern culture. The dragonfly is the pinnacle of a being against the odds, in accordance with its long body and thin wings. It is a standout to all of its predators, struggling to survive due to its dependency on the lakes that it spends its time around as well as it’s desperate pack mentality. Still, the dragonfly population is ever increasing.

HP Dragonfly Tablet View
HP Elite Dragonfly

The Lampyridae, or more commonly known as the firefly, is a different bug. Some say you can’t compare apples and oranges, they’re both fruit and one comes in a multitude of colours whilst the other rarely does. Anything can be compared if you try hard enough. The firefly rarely lives up to the standard of a dragonfly. Famous for its ability to glow in the night, it becomes a very obvious target to predators. Both insects find themselves in constant danger due to their desperate need for attention. A firefly, only living for two months, is unlikely to leave the place it was born. And… not much else. The firefly is certainly a lazier and less interesting bug. It has very little in common with the dragonfly, except a matching final syllable.

HP ZBook Firefly Side
Firefly ZBook

Here’s the thing. This month HP released two new laptops, the HP ZBook Firefly and the HP Elite Dragonfly. After looking at all the specs, I am quite confused about the name schemes of these two laptops. Whilst both are named after insects, neither truly match up to what the actual insect represents. Take the ZBook Firefly, Kimberly Gedeon called it the “the laptop every remote worker needs.” Yet, the firefly is a stationary bug. It will stay in one place all of its life. The dragonfly is a bug that matches up much better with the current necessity for work on the go. As well as this, a firefly may look pretty on a night out on the swamp but up close they are not the prettiest thing to look at.

Does this mean that the ZBook may look like a wonderful device from afar but the closer you get, you’ll recognize all of its faults? I wouldn’t assume so, as it’s specs are still impressive. The device is boasting a six-core, Intel Core i7 CPU and an Nvidia Quadro P520 GPU with 4GB of VRAM. For a laptop, it will get you where you need to go. And with a 500 nits display, it will certainly shine like the firefly will. Maybe with the 17-hour battery life, it will survive the test of time better than its namesake.

However, on the flip side is the HP Elite Dragonfly. Considered to be more of a business laptop. For a bug that spends the majority of its life travelling, is it wise to name a business laptop after it? Also, an average dragonfly will outlive a firefly by four months. Yet, the laptop’s battery life only lasts 13 hours, as opposed to the previously mentioned 17 hours. Finally, the thing that shocked me to my very core, the HP Elite Dragonfly has a 1000 nit display. Brighter than the Firefly! An actual dragonfly doesn’t shine at all, so the fact its nit display is so much higher seems very out of place.

In conclusion, I am moderately confident that the marketing department over at HP thought the names “Firefly” and “Dragonfly” were very cool. However, looking at the full specifications of the two laptops, they have named them in the wrong order. A laptop with an incredibly high nit display with HPSureview that is best for working in one place. That sounds like a firefly to me. A laptop that is best for work on the go with a long battery life… Surely, that’s a dragonfly! Both laptops work wonderfully, yet the naming scheme for them seems to be a little phoned in.

The Dragonfly is available to Flexi-Lease from £22.90 per week (+VAT), or you can lease the ZBook Firefly for just £16.40 per week (+VAT) both come with our full 3-year warranty and technical support, as well as the option to upgrade after two years.

To find out more about leasing the Dragonfly or Firefly from HP give our sales team a call on 020 7111 1643, or email