iMac or Mac Pro ?

14th May 2012
Group project work on an Apple desktop

Historically the designers had their big powerful and expandable Apple G4’s and the iMac was the staple desk tool of the trendy office, over time these Apple Mac leasing available to business users from HardSoftlines blurred to the point now you could be forgiven for not knowing which product line best suited your creative needs. The Mac Pro now reaches the stage it hasn’t seen an update for some time while the iMac is more factory expandable than it ever has been before;  granted the Mac Pro offers you that DIY upgrade potential lacking in the iMac but do you need anything more than an iMac these days?

Lets draw a comparison on the iMac 27” and the comparable Mac Pro of the moment comparing specs, as well as what you could expect to pay per week on a HardSoft Flexi Lease. The Top end iMac 27” at the moment boasts a Core i7 (Quad) – 3.4GHz Processor and can be expanded upto as much as 32GB RAM! It has a potential 2TB Hard Drive and room inside for an additional 256GB SSD as well as a 1GB Graphics card upgradable to 2GB Dedicated Graphics Memory, all this built into a high quality 27” HD Screen and is a snip at £23.75 + Vat per week on  a Flexible Lease from HardSoft.

Let us compare this to the Mac Pro – Quad Core Xeon “Nehalem” 3.2GHz, 32GB RAM, 2 x 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD,  Radeon 1GB Graphics and a 27” HD Cinema Display to use with it which comes in at a much more expensive £33.50 + Vat per week on Lease. The one advantage of the Mac Pro is the ability to expand and add to this base spec over time however I am sure you will agree the cost justification for that is hard to see ! While I will agree for the minority (High End Video Editors) the Mac Pro is the only option there is no real reason now why the majority of Creative Professionals shouldn’t be looking to the Apple iMac for their future needs.

Feel free to contact with any questions regarding spec or pricing. Also,  please come into our brand new Apple Retail Store in Cheshire Street (just off Brick Lane) E2 6EH. There we have a range of Apple iMacs, Apple Mac Pro’s a various other products on show for you to have a play with!