HP Mobile Workstations ..Cutting through the Confusion

We have been leasing  the HP EliteBook range for a little while now and we are regularly asked the same questions as to why are they so expensive and why get one ?

As high end Laptops go there are few to match the specs of the Elitebook 8560W and 8760W for unbeatable value in terms of spec against price,Hp mobile workstations available to lease and hire Both machines being identical with the exception of the screen size and graphics card.. Both sport the latest quad core  i7 processors as well as a more than adequate 500GB HDD (7200rpm) and a NVIDIA Quadro Graphics card with 2GB memory suitable for most professional tasks and for those of you using CAD they are fully certified cards. Options for up to 16GB Ram and SSD and hybrid hard drives are available. You can also have multiple screen outputs and multiple hard drives.

 The 8560W is the 15” model, which is the standard screen for most people who use a laptop. It has 8GB of RAM and Quadro 1000M Graphics as mentioned above making it ideal for a powerful yet portable PC Laptop. On a HardSoft flexible finance lease this come in at just £14.90 + VAT per week so won’t break the bank for great performance. Leasing from an established name like HardSoft can make these mobile workstations very affordable. Options include Wide Viewing Angle and Matt finish screens  as well as a colour accurate IPS screen – exclusive to HP.

The 8760W is much the same but a larger 17” Screen, larger screen real estate being ideal for graphics professionals but you do lose out a little on the portability. Other than the Screen change it also has massive 16GB RAM (or more)  and a Quadro 3000M Graphics Card which can all be yours on lease for just £17.50 + Vat per week on a three year lease.

 The Quadro 3000M Graphics often leads to some confusion as it is clearly a different model to the 1000M and given the higher number it is wrongly assumed it is more powerful than it’s smaller partner. The truth is the chip set is identical just the board they are placed onto is changed to accommodate the differing screen sizes so fear not if you need a super powerful portable you don’t lose performance just for losing a couple of inches on the screen.   If you would like to lease one of these machines or any other Graphics Laptop please contact Ryan@hardsoft.co.uk


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