How to get 20% off Apple iPad Airs…

As Apple Authorised Resellers HardSoft are pleased to say that we have a variety of Apple Certified refurbished iPads in stock – available to lease at 20% cheaper than their normal price. This is like leasing five iPads but only paying for four !

To give you an example on pricing our most popular iPad product, the 32GB iPad Air, can be leased at just £3.95 per week. From a small business perspective, you could equip 5 employees with the latest iPad Air for less than £20 per week. Other iPad Air and Mini retinas are available so feel free to contact us for other specs.

refurbished apple iPad

Unboxing the iPad

These iPads also come with 3 Years Apple Warranty and 3 years insurance for accidental damage plus a ruggedised carry case – the latter will help to prevent anything from going wrong and the former will give you peace of mind if it does. This really is the perfect iPad leasing package and is now even better at a reduced price.

We understand that you might be a bit confused by the term “refurbished”. Let us explain what we mean by this in a little more detail. Refurbished iPads are refurbished by Apple directly and are of full UK specification. The packaging even follows Apple’s stringent rules. They are fully tested (including burn testing), given new front glass and rear casing and a replacement battery and repackaged with all additional extras that a new iPad comes with such as cables etc., installed with the original iOS or with a newer version in some cases and given a unique serial number.  t. Take a look at the surrounding images to get an idea of how indistinguishable from brand new these products really are!

Tablet computers now outsell Laptops and iPads are fast becoming a great asset for small and large businesses alike. Having the App Store at your disposalrefurbished apple iPad is a huge plus on its own. A quick search will find you 1000s of Apps to help you with time and document management. What’s more, Microsoft Office 365 is also now compatible with iPad so you can use it for word processing, presentations and more! iPads are also built for portability and are therefore great for businesses and employees constantly on the move. They also act as good communication devices and last but certainly not least, are durable and safe to use.

In short then, there are many benefits to leasing an Apple Certified Refurbished product. You can save on cost without having to sacrifice on functionality or appearance. Moreover, you are covered with 3 Years Warranty if something does go wrong with the iPad. If you do experience any issues with the iPad, it can be taken to both HardSoft or an Apple Store.

Apple do warn on their website that refurbished stock is limited and goes quickly when put online for sale. Leasing from HardSoft prevents your business from missing out but also acts as a cheaper and much more flexible option.

If you are interested in purchasing refurbished iPads for your office, email or give Phil a ring on 0207 111 1643.


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