How much is it to rent a laptop?

25th November 2014
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When weighing up renting vs buying, cost is a primary concern. Businesses need to know that they’re getting the kit they need at the most affordable price, and that includes the potential for resale value.

So how do prices compare?

We thought we would take a look at typical laptop rental prices, as priced in October 2014. All of these prices are exclusive of VAT and are leased on a three-year basis, with 36 equal payments across that term. Other flexible leasing options are available.
You may not realise that with a HardSoft FlexiLease you also exclusively get a fully inclusive 3 year warranty so will never have any repairs bills and, like your phone, you can upgrade the equipment every couple of years.

Cost Comparison

 Model Per Week
Macbook Pro (13 inch) £7.80
Macbook Pro (13 inch with Retina display) £8.95
Macbook Pro (15 inch with Retina display) £13.80
Macbook Air (11 inch) £6.70
Macbook Air (13 inch) £7.55
HP Probook 450 15 inch PC Laptop £6.25
HP Zbook 17 -17inch PC Laptop £20.30

As you can see, leasing is an effective way to spread the cost of any laptop in the list, and the first payment is often around 1 per cent of the cost of the machine. For a small business, this is a massive cash flow advantage, right from day one. The less money you have tied up in computers, the more room you have to breathe, and that can be critical for SMEs.
When you convert the RRP to a leasing arrangement, the premium Macbook Air range is incredibly affordable; the super-portable 11-inch model comes in at the price of a couple of take-away coffees. The mobility offered by those machines can improve productivity and help remote workers improve their efficiency in the field.
Laptop leasing is markedly effective for the more expensive machines in the list. Take the HP Zbook 17, for example: it’s a Professional graphics mobile workstation with a gigantic 32 GB of RAM and a hybrid storage set-up. A laptop like the Zbook 17 is a necessary tool for many CAD/Graphics designers, but its high price tag places it outside the affordability boundary for many start-ups.
HP, Laptop, ZBook
With Hardsoft’s leasing plans, you can acquire this kind of premium kit at an accessible price.

About Leasing

If you have any questions about leasing, you can contact us on live chat to discuss your options. As a primer, here are some additional benefits:

  • We give you a discount on the number of machines ordered, so the price comes down for higher quantities
  • You’re covered by a three-year collect and return warranty.
  • We can install typical software – such as Office 2011 for Mac and Cloud backup software – for a tiny monthly fee of under £2 This also includes a loan laptop if yours has to be taken in for repair
  • You get 100% tax relief when your lease
  • Leases can be renewed or cancelled after 18 months (PCs) or 24 months (Apple equipment)
  • When the lease expires, you can choose to keep the computer for just a few pounds or trade up to a new Notebook

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The laptop you use directly affects your performance, and having new kit always provides peace of mind. You can even build your kit over time and lease a printer to go along with your laptop. To read more about our flexible lease agreements, check out our real-world leasing examples.