How much does it cost to lease a laptop?

15th May 2018
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Need a new laptop? You might be weighing up the differences between buying and leasing and wondering what’s best for you.
Benefits of leasing a laptop
Leasing is a great way to get the kit you need now and spread the cost out over a period of time. It can be ideal for businesses and their cash flow as less money is initially laid out for equipment. Businesses need to ensure they’re getting the most affordable price for thir kit, so how much does it cost to lease a laptop and what are the benefits?

We have looked at some of the most popular laptops, as priced in April 2018. All of our costs exclude VAT and based on a lease over a three-year period. There are other leasing options available such as Hardsoft Flexi-Lease, which enables you to renew your kit after two years.

Price comparison

Model Price (per week plus VAT)
MacBook Air (13”) £6.70 
MacBook Pro (13”) £8.80 
MacBook Pro (13” with touch bar) £12.40 
MacBook Pro (15”) £13.15 
MacBook Pro (15” with touch bar) £16.30 
Dell XPS 13-9370 (13”) £11.70 
HP Spectre x360 Convertible Laptop £13.95 

These costs are extremely affordable against their overall prices and give businesses the freedom to have quality equipment without having to spend large sums of money all at once. This can be beneficial for all businesses – especially for SMEs. For the cost of a few coffees per week, you could have an excellent piece of kit that can help you grow your business.

When starting a business, many laptops may not be affordable, but rather than sacrificing the quality of your equipment, it’s worth considering leasing options. You can apply for the flexi-lease as a start-up business and this will then give you the opportunity to upgrade your equipment after two years once your business is more established.

What are the benefits of leasing a laptop?

  • You can have the equipment you want right now! No need to save or interrupt your business cash flow.
  • Full warranty is included throughout the lease period.
  • At the end of the lease, you can either keep the computer for a fee depending on your lease choice, or upgrade.
  • We can install necessary software your business may need such as Microsoft Office.
  • The more machines you order, the cheaper the overall cost.
  • There is no initial deposit.
  • Start-up businesses can apply for our flexi-lease option. We have helped thousands of start-ups get the quality equipment they need.
  • If your Mac needs repairs, we can provide a loan Mac so your business doesn’t need to be out of action.
  • Throughout the duration of your lease, you will have telephone technical support if you have any queries.

Take a look at our range of Apple Notebooks and PC Laptops to find the right equipment for your business. If you have any questions about our leasing options, please get in touch – our friendly team would be happy to discuss your options.