How Can 5G Make Work Truly Nomadic?

26th January 2022
5G From anywhere

While 5G is expanding the world of connectivity on smartphones, simultaneously, 5G enabled laptops are transforming PCs forever.

Since 5G offers a level of connectivity, reliability and security that can rival Wi-Fi, 5G laptops will result in the computer being a truly mobile device.

As computers become more mobile, the way we work can be more nomadic.

working from home

What Is Nomadic Working?

‘Digital nomad’ is the chic term applied to remote workers who move about frequently.

Working from home increased during the pandemic but there is a big difference between the WFH (Work from Home) concept and WFA (Work from Anywhere).

Those who worked from home during the pandemic were often termed remote workers as they were not in the office. In reality there is a subtle distinction between home workers and remote workers, and a big difference between remote workers and the digital nomad.

A home worker usually has access to Wi-Fi and electricity. Their working experience will be similar to that of being in the office if they have a suitable device. While there is the potential for some people to not have internet in their home, this is now increasingly rare for working aged people. However, their Wi-Fi may not have been as reliable as that in the office depending on their package, provider, and location. Business internet contracts tend to have faster repair times if something goes wrong as well.

A remote worker might sometimes be at home, or at a client’s base, commuting, in a different office, an internet café, a co-working space or somewhere completely different. As the name implies, they are remote because they are not in the office, but they do not necessarily always work in the home.

A digital nomad, on the other hand, is a remote worker who frequently moves about to different locations. This lifestyle has been spear-headed by the increased powers of the technology that we use. With better devices and video conferencing, workers could be free to travel and explore the globe while working. This is exactly what many did.

5G Lenovothink book product

As home working proved effective during the pandemic, many people have re-evaluated their lives and what they want from their careers. There is now much more overlap between home workers, remote workers, and digital nomads.

Despite this freedom to explore the wild beyond and earn a living, there were two continual hiccups for digital nomads: power and connectivity.

As more laptops become 5G enabled and more 5G coverage is created across the world, work can become more and more nomadic for more people.

How Has Laptop Portability Been Steadily Increasing?

You may be thinking that laptops are already portable. You’d be right, after all, their whole concept is to be more location-flexible than a desktop PC. Over the last few years, laptop technology has evolved rapidly. Once major takeaway has been the actual structure of the hardware. Laptops are becoming lighter, sleeker, smaller, essentially more portable. This even extends to their charging cables as we see the power supply brick come down in size.

A big achievement of recent years is that, while laptops are becoming lighter, the materials used are increasing in quality, making laptops more durable. Again, this is an essential feature of any portable item. It must be light yet stand up to the messy rigours of rough transport.

Other more internal changes have been taking place as well. Much of this concerns battery life. The better the battery life then the more portable a laptop can be.

Longer battery life and lighter laptops have been the big changes to make laptops more portable. These elements often came at the expense of power, which for many industries and roles is a must if they are to see productivity remain high.

the changes in the M1 chip for Mac

Fortunately, many recent tech advancements, (including Apple’s M1 chips) have made small, light laptops faster and more powerful, while still being highly efficient with power consumption.

The prickly sticking point in portability has remained connectivity. For many remote locations in the world, there is no Wi-Fi connection, or not one stable enough to reasonably work with for most modern job roles. If digital nomads or remote workers cannot connect then the quality of their device is superfluous.

5G will change all this. As modern laptops, iPads and dual-functionality devices embrace 5G the level of reliable connectivity will increase, allowing people to work from anywhere, even with no Wi-Fi connection at all.

How 5G Makes Laptops More Mobile

When laptops rely on Wi-Fi or ethernet connections, smartphones provide much more freedom and flexibility.

A smartphone could be used for email, browsing the internet, shopping, and video communication anywhere thanks to 4G. This is something laptops could not compete with. However, smartphones were challenging for doing proper work. They lacked the memory and power necessary for most jobs. Even for jobs that require little in the way of power, the keyboard, display, and software were insufficient.

5G enabled laptops will allow workers to use their PCs anywhere just like a phone. They can have the power of a PC but the portability and strong connectivity of their smartphone.

5G benefits include:

Lower Latency
  • More data for your apps
  • More reliable connection
  • Greater capacity for connected devices
  • Lower latency
  • Higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds

For businesses, 5G laptops will be revolutionary. It will allow them to access more talent via remote workers without having to compromise on the consistency, productivity, and quality of those workers’ output. 5G also offers greater security than using Wi-Fi in cafes and other public venues.

For their field workers, businesses should see no drop in productivity compared to their office workers.

For home workers, 5G can often offer a better, more stable connection than their home Wi-Fi.

For their staff it will create a happier, more flexible working environment with new possibilities in the way that they work.

Of course, not every laptop has 5G in-built as default. Hardsoft have several of the best new 5G laptops available from Samsung and Lenovo’s Think Pads, as well as the new 5G iPads ready to add to your leasing solution.