How Can 5G Finally Accelerate The IOT

1st February 2022
how can 5G finally accelerate the IOT

The Internet of Things has been around for a while. It offers to make our lives easier and more convenient by automating much of what we do and how we interact with objects in our work and home.

However, it has previously been limited in its abilities and effectiveness, often due to connectivity issues and low latency.

The continued broadening of availability for 5G is set to change that and accelerate the use of IOT technology.

What Is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation for broadband mobile networks. It is incredibly fast compared to its predecessors like 4G. As well as being available for smartphones. Many laptops are now being built with 5G capabilities

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5G provides a multitude of advantages for all users, including businesses with its rapid speeds, more data, greater network capacity (more devices can connect and use data at the same time), and lower latency (the time it takes for action to take place).

The connections it offers are frequently more reliable than wi-fi. It has a range of applications and will boost productivity and increase connectivity for most businesses.

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What is IOT?

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IOT is an acronym for the Internet of Things. These are physical objects embedded with computer chips, sensors, software, processors, and other data exchanging technologies. It is usually so they can connect with other computer devices over the internet and via communications network. You can get smart fridges, smart homes, smart heating systems and more that can be controlled via your smartphone or 5G laptop.

Outside of the home, the IOT can cover objects like self-driving cars and robots.

How Does 5G Enhance The IOT?

Continued 5G rollout isn’t just relevant to business because of their staff’s smartphones or 5G laptops. There are a whole host of devices that can utilise 5G. The latest generation of network has important implications for the IOT (Internet of Things) and for many industries this will become extremely important for their future tech and advancements.

With speeds 20 times faster than 4G, more data and more capacity, 5G can help unlock more AI (artificial intelligence). This is crucial for tasks such as machine-to-machine communication. It is this type of technology that can powerhouse the IOT.

5G has the capabilities to handle up to a million devices per square kilometre and this is very important for the successful connection with the IOT. With multiple devices operating they will all need 5Gs data and steady connection to work effectively.

5G benefits of Enhanced Capacity

How Can Businesses Benefit From The Acceleration of the IOT?

There are many sectors that can utilise IOT to improve the way they work.

Warehouses and companies like Amazon increasingly want to use robots rather than people to package and ship out orders. In manufacturing, robots can be used to assemble products and other machines.

The medical field is working on using robots in delicate surgeries. Self-driving cars are set to revolutionise the automotive industries.

Even sectors such as security or fire and safety can use the IOT for surveillance cameras and fire detections. The IOT and machine learning could be applied to wealth of tasks in the future from coding to cooking.

The IOT can even analyse data and is not subject to human errors.

For special sectors like self-driving cars and surgeries that low latency (time between clicking and it happening) needs to come down and that is what high band 5G promises: extreme low latency.