How am I going to finance my next computer?

29th July 2016
Lady lying on the beach on laptop

It’s impossible to say exactly how the recent EU referendum will affect businesses, but there’s a lot of uncertainty in the air. Company owners across all industries are wondering whether evolving trade regulations and fluctuating exchange rates will affect their bottom lines, and many are understandably fearing the worst.
Given the situation, you’d be forgiven for tightening the company purse strings. Spending big on new equipment is likely the last thing on your priority list right now, but then you face the risk of falling behind – especially when it comes to technology. There is, however, a solution.

An introduction to leasing

Leasing is essentially the rental of a product; you pay monthly to have constant access to something, instead of paying outright to own it. It’s an approach that most businesses will be familiar with, as it’s commonly used for things like cars, photocopier machines and phone systems. Rarely is it considered for IT equipment, however – despite the obvious benefits on offer.
In this time of uncertainty, the appeal of computer leasing should be even greater than normal, and here are three reasons why.

You’re always up to date

With budgets tightening a little and competition between businesses likely to intensify, it’s more important than ever that you’re able to keep up. Having an out-of-date IT infrastructure will not only slow the company down operationally, it will increase security risks as you’ll be left vulnerable to newer hacking methods.Laptop up against a typewriter
Find the right leasing plan and you’ll have access to the latest equipment almost as soon as it comes out, without paying any extra. This means you can run the latest software, which tends to be the most secure. Efficiency should rise too, with faster machines allowing staff to get the most from their day.

You have access to better equipment

The cost of equipping your team with newly-released, top-of-the-range ultrabooks would be difficult to cover for most small businesses, which is why so many end up settling for mid-range machines instead. Leasing, however, gives you access to the very best, regardless of your budget at this moment.
Without a big upfront fee to pay, you can choose the equipment that best suits your requirements. If your staff would benefit from having access to memory-heavy creative software, you can choose a top-end machine capable of running it. If your needs are a little more modest, you’re able to go for something with lower monthly payments.

You know what you’re paying

When the economy’s not doing so well, or when there’s any kind of uncertainty, it’s important to operate within your means. The key to keep everything under control financially is to know exactly what you’re paying and when it leaves your account – leasing helps with that in a number of ways.
First and foremost, everything is covered by a regular fee, so you know with certainty how much is going out every month and can account for it in advance.Calculator on spreadsheets
These fees often cover more than just the hardware, too. Some packages will include things like tech support and comprehensive warranties, so should anything go wrong, you’re not left out of pocket again. Disruption is also kept to a minimum, as you’re not left with any broken infrastructure.
Computer leasing has always been an attractive option to business owners who are aware of the benefits. For those who haven’t considered it before, now may well be the perfect time.