HardSoft have an introductory offer on Henge Docks when included within a flexible leasing package of the new Apple MacBook Pro. The Henge is a docking station for 13inch and 15inch Apple MacBook Pros and allows you to create a permanent setup on the desk. The Henge Dock allows MacBook Pro users to quickly, cleanly and easily incorporate the new MacBook Pro into a desktop setup.

Our offer for just an additional £2 per week creates a total solution and comprises the Dock + Apple Wireless Keyboard & Magic Mouse + LG 22” Flat Display …For £3.50 we offer this solution with an LG 27” Display.

So you could consider this total solution as a serious alternative to an iMac?………….Apple Docking

Apple iMac 21.5” (i3- 3.2GHz CPU) is £11.20 per week plus VAT to lease


Apple 13” MacBook Pro (i5-2.3GHz CPU) + Henge 22” Docking Offer totals £10.80 per week.

Cheaper and faster with flexibility for use as a deskbound or portable solution?

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