HardSoft’s Got Talent… Review a product and earn cash

31st March 2020
HardSoft's Got Talent on a Union Flag background

Review your device, upload the video and we’ll pay for your content.

If you’ve bought or leased a new device in the past 12 months we’d love you to do a video review of your device(s) which we’ll upload onto our YouTube channel.

Help us to share with our community all the great products available out there, and all the tips and tricks you’ve learned to make their user experience even better. We’ll even pay you for them!

All you have to do is register your interest and tell us which device(s) you would like to review. We’ll then get back to you to ask that you start reviewing.

When you send your video to us we’ll pay you! For a 2-4 minute video we’ll pay £50, or 4-10 minute we’ll pay £90.

Make your review about your must-have device, the one you know inside and out, with all the must-know tips that you wish you’d known when you first got yours. Anything that the viewers can use to learn from. We’re not expecting slick professional videos, but make it the best you can to showcase the device, and you!

Here are some guidelines for you to follow which will help your video get onto our channel:

  • We’re only looking for original content created for HardSoft.
  • Please don’t swear.
  • Happy to accept constructive criticism of a product but please don’t put us in a position that we may be accused of slandering a product or manufacturer. There are other places on the Internet to do that!
  • The device reviewed should be no more than a year old and still available to buy or lease. 
  • You should lease or own the device and use it daily for work, or interests such as gaming etc.
  • Clips should be 2 minutes to 10 minutes long.
  • You must introduce yourself! E.g. ‘Hi my name is ????? and here’s my review/ top tip on the ‘XYX for ‘HardSoft’.
  • Please don’t overlay the clip with your promotional graphics or logos, but if you have a company t-shirt, for example, we’re happy for you to wear it. Just don’t over-promote yourself or business
  • Briefly explain what you do as a job. We will also add your contact details (if you wish) and some “about you” text in the review description, so please don’t add any additional graphics /links.
  • Please don’t use music to avoid licensing issues.
  • We will not be editing the content so please provide as a finished file ready to upload.

Register your interest by completing the contact form below and we’ll get back to you asap to agree the review. Happy Reviewing!


    HardSoft's Got Talent on a Union Flag background